Introducing the top shopping malls in Brooklyn, New York

Shopping malls in Fort Green, Downtown Brooklyn, Fleet Bush and East New York

Although Brooklyn is known for its intersecting main streets full of unique shops, there are also some great shopping malls. You can spend a whole day shopping in these complete Brooklyn malls.

From an old-school shopping mall on Feltbush Street to the glamorous shops of the City Point Mall, which opened in 2016, the area delights a customer. Take a look at what Brooklyn has in store for you.

In the fall of 2016, City Point began opening many stores. City Point is located in downtown Brooklyn, home to Century 21, Alamo Draft House, Target, Trader Joe and many other retailers. Trader Joe’s opened in 2017. It also replaces a significant number of food vendors in the DeKalb basement lounge in the basement.

Atlantis Shopping Mall in Fort Green

There are two shopping malls in Fort Green, the Atlantic Terminal Shopping Mall and the Atlantic Mall to which an open corridor connects. Both are located on Atlantic Avenue Subway Station and LIRR Station, off Barclay Center Basketball Street. Target, Best Buy and Burlington Coat Factory are some of the anchor stores.

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King Plaza Shopping Mall in Bush Plateau

This large duplex complex, which is probably the best shopping center in Brooklyn, has hundreds of shops, parking lots and cinemas. It has existed since the 1970s. If you love cookies or need refueling, stop by the cookie house on the first floor next to the old school before you start your marathon shopping day. The mall has most standard chain stores such as Macy’s, H&M, JCPenneys and many more. For food, you will find Chipotle, McDonald’s, Nathans and a number of other fast food restaurants.

Fulton Mall in downtown Brooklyn

The area around Fulton Mall has been turned into a pedestrian area and extensive renovations have been carried out. The Fulton Harbor Store is owned by Massy. Every day new shops appear on Fulton Street. From the Republic Banana Factory Store to the Gap Outlet to the department store, Fulton Mall is rapidly being reborn as the ultimate Brooklyn shopping destination.

With the completion of City Point nearby, this part of Brooklyn has become even more ideal. Restaurants are located around Brooklyn, close to several subway stations in downtown Brooklyn. If you have finished your work, there is also an attractive nightlife here.

Gateway Mall in East New York

This is Brooklyn’s best-kept secret, a suburban-style shopping mall that has a quieter atmosphere than some Brooklyn-based malls. It is outside Exit 15 at Belt Parkway near Spring Creek Park. Although it is the best option for those who have access to cars, it is also worth traveling by bus. Gateway Mall includes a second mall that houses a Gap store, Five Under and many other shops. If you have just moved to this neighborhood and need Bed, Bath & Beyond, Home Depot or Target home products, this is a great place.

Beyond Brooklyn

However, there is never a reason to leave Brooklyn. If you find yourself invited to the lovely Long Island Hamptons or the lovely North Fork, check out one of the big box stores or malls on Long Island on the way back. The Green Acres Mall in New York’s Stream Valley is eight miles from the Brooklyn border. In addition, but much larger, Roosevelt Field Mall is one of Long Island’s best shopping malls in Garden City, New York (about 21 miles away). If you do not want to leave New York City, you can take the train to the Queens Center in Elmhurst, Queens, about 4 miles from the Brooklyn border.

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