Is Biden’s foreign policy failing?

Over the past nine months, the Biden administration’s foreign policy has seen some gains; But certain aspects of his actions and approaches are very troubling, and this has led many observers and analysts to make unpleasant comparisons between his performance and that of the Trump administration.

One of these issues is the negotiations between the United States and Iran, which have not been concluded due to mutual suspicion and the lack of sufficient courage of the US government.

In the current situation, the safest bet is to say that there will be no new agreement. In fact, the Biden administration, like the Trump administration, seems to have exerted maximum pressure on Iran; A strategy that has been tested repeatedly and never with results.

In an analysis by Stephen Walt, a professor of international relations at Harvard University, Foreign Policy explains the Biden administration’s foreign policy in the international arena.

I have little criticism of Afghanistan

over the withdrawal of US troops; But a professional team like Biden was expected to do better along the way, making a reasonable and predictable setback by allaying partners’ concerns. The issue of Akus’s participation is also an important step in maintaining the balance of power in the Indo-Pacific region; But it was necessary that the French government not be ignored in this process. I think the monopoly era is over and we live in an unbalanced multipolar era; Thus, relationships between major powers in a multipolar world are inherently more complex and difficult to manage.

Having several major powers gives other countries more options to increase their bargaining power or to stand up to US pressure, such as Iran and Venezuela, which do not want to rely on US or global bank aid and can always. Open accounts on Moscow and Beijing. Another challenge for Biden’s government is rooted in problems inherited from the traditional rivalry of the great powers, which cannot be resolved without extensive cooperation in the current geopolitical arena. Climate change is a prime example of this, and can be added to the response to the Covid 19 epidemic, global macroeconomic management, or international terrorism.

“Another challenge for the US government is that the path of US political apparatus is significantly open to all harmful foreign influence, and regional partners try to lobby US domestic policy through domestic and foreign lobbies, interest groups or social media bots. In line with their national interests.

Despite all this, we are still on the side of a government in the United States that is trying to work properly and not go astray at the same time; Therefore, they should be given the opportunity to show their abilities.

If the team has a more specific prioritization and does not try to carry too much weight, some of its energy can be saved to interact with surprise events; “So if we try to carry a lighter burden, we can achieve more.”

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