Learn more about Omicron

It has been two years since the first case of Covid 19 was diagnosed in Wuhan, China, but various mutations of the virus during this time indicate that the corona does not appear to be infected.

We have experienced alpha, beta, gamma and delta variants in these two years and now Omicron is the fifth variant in the list of worrying variants according to the World Health Organization and so far in South Africa, Botswana, Hong Kong and several other countries. Confirmed or suspected of this new type of virus has been observed.

Doctors and virologists have not yet obtained accurate information about the behavior of Amicron and should wait for further investigation and testing of this variant, but believe that in this variant, as in previous variants, there is a concern that this type of corona could lead to disease in many countries. Stimulate and pressure the health systems, and there is even a possibility that it will circumvent the safety of the vaccine.

Omicron is the predominant strain in South Africa; Significant increase in the number of patients

It’s still too early to answer the concern about Omicron, and we still have to wait for the latest scientific findings on this type of variant. According to WHO spokeswoman Christine Lindemir, it may take several weeks to assess the transmissibility of the new variant of the corona virus and the effectiveness of existing vaccines and treatments. So far, only 100 sequences of this variant have been reported.

To learn more about this type of variant, its coordinates and characteristics, symptoms and differences with previous variants, dangerousness, prevention strategies and some other questions with Professor Seyed Alireza Naji, Professor of Virology, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences and Head of Research Center We are discussing the virology of Dr. Masih Daneshvari Hospital in Tehran.

“There is a lack of accurate and necessary information about Omicron,” he said. This new virus will be developed and released.

He added: “Out of more than 50 mutations (mutations) in this variant, 34 mutations were located in the spike position, which is important in terms of immune system reactions and cell attachment, and it can be said that this type of virus is more contagious and can well due to mutations.” Who is fleeing the immune system.

High pathogenicity in the omicron corona / tendency of the virus to infect young people

“Further information on whether emicron is more contagious than delta or how much more safe it can be than delta will be announced in the future, but it could be more contagious or contagious than delta and in terms of vaccine resistance,” he said. And the immune system is more elusive.

“The omicron virus has only been unveiled for a few days, but it has spread to four continents and so far 369 cases from 28 countries have officially reported it, which indicates the rapid spread of the virus in the world, although this The numbers are not real, and accurate statistics depend on the genetic monitoring of countries that publish accurate statistics. For example, the positive example of Omicron observed in Belgium belongs to a person who went to Belgium from Egypt, while the Egyptian authorities have not yet reported any case of Omicron virus in the people of this country, and it is possible that it originated in Egypt. .

Referring to the sensitivity of the World Health Organization regarding the Omicron variant and convening an urgent meeting to take smart measures to control the new virus, he said: “Given that accurate information on the behavior of this type of virus is not available, so the need for more care and self-care It feels more like the previous variants than before.

In response to question about the symptoms of Omicron variant, the duration of this disease and its more dangerous than the previous variants, the professor said: “As mentioned, there is no exact information about this variant and we should wait for an analysis.” It is not scientifically accurate to say this, and it is not yet possible to say whether the virus will have specific or new symptoms than in the past, or whether a more severe disease awaits the infected. Any comment in the current situation is based on observations and is not the basis of comprehensive and complete scientific studies.

Does Astrazhenka vaccine work against the new Omicron strain?

He added: “It is not possible to comment on whether it is more dangerous or not compared to other previous variants, and a detailed study of the issue will take two to three months.” Of course, the certainty of this disease is a viral infectious disease and its transmission power is higher than Wuhan virus, but how much it can compete with the Delta variant that has been able to infect the majority of human society, we have to wait and see what will happen in the future. It will show itself and there is a need for studies to know the duration of the disease in case of this variant and the involvement of people of different ages and how to be treated with current drugs.

“In some countries that have been infected with the emicron virus, many laws have been changed and some restrictions have been lifted,” said a faculty member on why the community is normalizing and indifferent to health protocols amid rising vaccination rates. Even in the United Kingdom, the issue of banning travel and testing at the entrances of cities has been implemented and the World Health Organization has warned about the prevalence of this variant and on personal hygiene, use of masks, ban on attending meetings, effective monitoring of viral population in countries Emphasizes the observance of social distancing as well as the factors that help control emicron.

“It is unlikely that the Omicron variant has been introduced in many countries,” he said. As much as we can increase the amount of Covid virus antibodies in the body, we can increase the fight against the virus, so it is recommended that in addition to general vaccination and booster dose, due to the prevalence of new variants, health protocols be strictly observed and any indifference and Avoid normalization.

He added: “Getting a booster dose of vaccine for people over 18 years of age and completing vaccination for people under 18 years of age will make the community resistant to this virus, and if they refuse to receive vaccine or phobia, there should be restrictions for these people.” The government should enforce and instead enact laws to encourage people to get vaccinated to increase the level of vaccination in the country, in which case Covid can be controlled even with omicron.