Major Republican victory in the Virginia gubernatorial election

In an election that marks the defeat of Joe Biden, Republican nominee Glenn Yankin has declared victory in the US gubernatorial election.

A few hours ago, he was ahead in the preliminary counting of votes in the state election in this state, which was held on Tuesday.

Glenn Yankin is the first Republican to be elected governor of Virginia in 12 years.

Emerging capitalist and politician Yankin competed with Democratic nominee Terry McAuliffe for the Democratic seat held by Ralph Northam of the Democratic Party.

He has been backed by Donald Trump, although he has distanced himself from the former US president.

His rival, Mr. McAuliffe, was governor of Virginia from 2014 to 2018. But in recent weeks, polls have shown a decline in popularity with Mr Yankin.

Mr Yankin focused on the fight against crime, the economic situation and the way schools deal with racial and gender issues, and his opposition to forcing masks into schools.

Mr McAuliffe’s focus in the election was on social issues such as women’s abortion rights and electoral reform.

Referendum on Biden performance

Observers say the election result could be seen as a referendum on Joe Biden’s performance.

According to reporters, in addition to local issues, public concern over Joe Biden’s economic program has prompted him to vote for the Republican nominee.

Mr Biden won last year’s election in Virginia by a narrow margin of 10 percent.

Is Biden’s foreign policy failing?

Mr Biden’s popularity has waned due to rising inflation, a slow pace of economic recovery, disagreements with congressional Democrats over passing economic laws and how to withdraw troops from Afghanistan.

According to a new poll, only 43% of respondents approved of Mr Biden’s performance.

Elections have also been held in some other US cities and states.

In New Jersey, the vote count shows Republican nominee Jack Chatterley leading the race against Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy.

In Minneapolis, voters voted in a referendum to dissolve the police department and replace it with a public security department.

The referendum was held in response to the murder of a wealthy African man named George Floyd by police.

In New York City, Eric Adams, a former police officer, defeated Democratic mayor Bill de Blasio in a mayoral election.

In Dearborn, Michigan, Abdullah Hammoud, a Lebanese Democrat, has been elected mayor.