New protests in Europe against new Covid restrictions

New unrest erupted in the Netherlands and several European countries last night against new laws and restrictions and quarantine amid rising cases of Covid 19 in Europe.

One night after violent protests in Rotterdam led to police shootings, protesters in The Hague also threw incendiary materials at police and set fire to bicycles.

Thousands took to the streets in Austria, Croatia and Italy to protest the new restrictions.

The World Health Organization says it is “very concerned” about the rising incidence of coronavirus in continental Europe.

The World Health Organization’s regional director, Dr. Hans Kluge, told the BBC that more than half a million deaths would be recorded by next spring if no measures were taken across Europe.

Many European governments are trying to counteract the growing number of sufferers and, as a result, have imposed new restrictions. In some European countries, such as Germany, the number of patients per day has been unprecedented.

Last night, several Dutch cities witnessed the second night of violent protests.

In The Hague, masked protesters set fire to bicycles in the streets.

At least seven people have been arrested so far, according to Hague officials.

Police say a man threw a stone at the windows of an ambulance carrying a patient.

According to The Hague police, five police officers were injured in last night’s clashes, one of whom was taken to hospital by ambulance with a knee injury.

Elsewhere in the Netherlands, fans entered the pitch and ran on the pitch during two football matches, which were stopped for a short time.

In the Netherlands, spectators are barred from stadiums due to new coronation rules.

The riots come after a night of riots in Rotterdam, with the mayor of Rotterdam likening the events of two nights ago to “violence”.

A Rotterdam police spokesman told Reuters that police had been forced to fire warning shots and live ammunition “because it was a life-and-death situation”.

The Netherlands imposed a three-week temporary quarantine last Saturday after setting a new record for the incidence of Covid. Cafes and restaurants must be closed from 8 pm and crowds at sporting events are prohibited.

In other European cities, such as Vienna and Zagreb, similar demonstrations took place last night, and in Italy, several thousand protesters protested the new restrictions at the ancient chariot race.

Meanwhile, French authorities have sent dozens of police officers to quell unrest on the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe, a foreign part of France.

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