Omicron is the predominant strain in South Africa; Significant increase in the number of patients

Health officials in South Africa have said that the new strain, omicron, is rapidly becoming the dominant species in the country in less than a month, since a significant increase in the number of people with Covid.

The National Institute for Communicable Diseases says three-quarters of all virus genomes it examined last month belonged to the new strain.

The institute also said that the number of cases had risen from a weekly average of 300 a day two weeks ago to 3,500 a day.

The new strain of the corona virus has been called the “worrying strain” and the results of initial studies have identified it as having the potential to increase the risk of recurrence of the corona.

South Africa was the first country to announce the identification of this new strain.

So far, many countries in the world have confirmed the discovery of this new strain.

Saudi Arabia and the UAE are the latest countries to confirm the first cases.

Following the identification of this new route, a number of countries have taken measures to combat its spread, including banning travel to a number of African countries.

While researchers are still exploring new strains that have made multiple mutations, there are concerns that omicrons may be both more capable of escaping the immune system and escaping the vaccine.

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