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Is Terry Flenory Arrested? Wife Kids & Net Worth: Terry Flenory was apprehended for more than 16 years and now the rumors have been going around that he was released last year. He is one of the co-founders of the Black Mafia Family.

he Black Mafia Family, one of America’s most notorious drug networks, was run by two brothers – Big Meech and Terry, for more than a decade. Do you know who shot Terry Flenory from BMF? Read further to know more about who shot Terry Flenory from BMF and is Terry Flenory still alive.

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Terry Flenory established the Black Mafia Family, which is a money-laundering enterprise. From the year 1990 through the year 2005, they both engaged in a variety of illicit activities.

Terry Flemory, the BMF’s (Black Mafia Family) boss, has become the town’s talk of the town. He became well-known after it was discovered that he had been shot while engaging in unlawful activity. Who shot Terry Flenory from BMF? He could have been shot by a rival or by police officers, but no definitive information is available. He lived a life of crime, selling cocaine and drugs, and now hundreds of people are looking for him on Google. Terry had spent more than 30 years in jail when he was shot shortly after his release. Terry was 50 years old at the time of his death.

As per some reports, he dated several women and had kids, but their names were hidden. He was the boss of the Black Mafia.

His father’s name is Charles Flenory and his mother’s name is Shelly Meech and he has two siblings: Nicole Flenory and Big Meech. He was a drug king from the United States.

It was originally founded in Detroit, Michigan by brothers Demetrius Flenory aka Big Meech and Terry Flenory aka Southwest T. But by the year 2000, it had already expanded its territory to other states across the United States. 

They smuggled their drugs using vehicles, mostly limousines. The vehicles were modified to have secrete compartments (traps) where drugs were stuffed into these compartments and then shipped to the United States. When returning, those compartments were stuffed with cash and sent to their Mexican supplier. 

Together, Terry Flenory and Demetrius Flenory established a cocaine distribution channel throughout the United States through their Los Angeles based supplier. They also had direct links to Mexican cartels.

Under Demetrius, the BMF ventured into hip hop and created the BMF entertainment brand. 

Back then, this was used as a front to launder money from the cocaine business and make their wealth look legitimate. The record label performed excellently as a front. With it, they served as promoters to artists like Bleu DaVinci. 

Many people believe that the workman boots that Lamar wears match that of the shooter’s and that he shot Southwest T because he was angry about Big Meech and Monique’s (Arkeisha “Kash Doll” Knight) romantic relationship.

“There were real-life guys like Lamar in the game,” actor Steve Harris who portrays Det. Vaughn Bryant told TV Line. “Some fans may get tired of him, but he is important to the larger story the show is trying to tell.”

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