The best universities in the world in the field of music (Update 2021)

Admission to overseas universities is a great experience, but you have to take many steps to do so and consider medical information and advice. The majority of students are aware of the benefits of studying abroad. For this reason, they usually try to study different universities.

One of the first factors that makes people choose universities abroad is their job security. One of the first things you need to do is make your decision in high school. If you are planning to go abroad for university studies, prepare yourself right away.

Depending on what you are about to study, there are probably hundreds of options available to you and you should choose the best one.

Now, as someone who wants to study music, you can be lucky and test yourself at different universities. You should also increase your optimism. There are many universities in the field of music, but few of them are much more advanced and can educate you in this area.

Since you will have many choices, you can ultimately choose the best of them. Of course, you should not be too hard on yourself. There are some students who like to study in some of these fields. So the competition is a bit tough. You should also seek help from consultants in this area.

So if you are researching to study music abroad, in this section of the site we will introduce you to the universities that are among the best in the field of music in the world. The following universities are all the best options for studying music in the whole world.

1- Joylard University

Location: New York
Year of Establish 1905
Highlights: Barry Manilo, Yoyo Ma, John William
This university is a famous university. Academic education at this university has a strong impact on your prestige and socially. This university brings excellent rankings every year. Its faculties teach students different dimensions of art. Also, disciplines such as dance, acting and of course music are among the best disciplines taught at this university.

This university is attached to the Lincoln Center in New York. This center is a good host for the best people who can play music live. These people can be from anywhere in the world. Their focus is more on classical and opera music. This university can be the best option for people who like to work in an orchestra and will not be a good option for people who are looking for local music.

2- Berkeley University of Music

Location: Boston; MA
Year of Establish: 1945
Highlights: Melissa Atridge, Quincy Jones, John Mayer
Unlike other music programs around the world, Berkeley College of Music at the university focuses on musical instruments and usually performs and teaches pop music. Classical music instruments at the university also focus more on pop, rock and modern genres.

This music university has trained music producers more than anywhere else. So if you want to be one of the top 4 people in the world, you should definitely go to this university. Boston is a campus city and one of the best music universities in the city.

3- Yale University of Music

Location: New Haven, CT
Year of Establishment: 1894
Highlights: Marco Beltrami, Michael Datri, Matt Brubeck
This university does not need any introduction, but unfortunately many people ignore this university. This university of music is considered one of the best in the whole world, but this fame is not only due to the name of the university. In fact, this university is one of the best in the field of music and can train very successful musicians. New Haven is a small town not close to New York, but if you are interested in music, it is worth going to this university.

4- University of Fine Arts Music in England

Location: Boston, MA
Year of Establish: 1867
Highlights: Neil E. Boyd, Evef and Donawon, Weiss Firth
Of course, Boston University is always one of the best, but there are many universities in this small area. So you can not ignore its schools and vocational schools, because they usually have high scores. Since Berkeley University has many musicians and is one of the best universities of fine arts, it is therefore very advanced in music.

Berkeley focuses on pop music and the work of music stars, but the university’s priority is to focus on people who want to showcase their musical talent on a global scale.

5- Thornton University of Music, Southern California

Location: Los Angeles
Year of Establishment: 1884
Highlights: Herb Alpert, James Newton Howard, James Horner
Music was taught four years after the university was founded. The University of Music is one of the oldest music schools in the United States and has been active in the field of music for more than a century, delivering amazing music activists to the community. The organization focuses on different styles of music such as jazz and classical. This university usually raises people who want to work in the field of music but are not musicians themselves.

So if you want to be more creative, you have to learn to take different classes at this university and reap the benefits. Entering the music business requires a university degree. This university is one of the best. You can also do activities in the music and film industry.

6- Curtis University of Music

Location: Philadelphia, PA
Year of Establishment: 1924
Highlights: Leonard Bernstein, David Brooke, Lang Lang
There may be better campus cities in the United States, but Philadelphia excels at least in the field of music with hand-held instruments. Delivered. You may not have heard of this university before, but anyone who works in the field of opera (the specialty of this university) definitely knows this university.

It may be hard to accept. Therefore, there may be less than 5% probability of admission to this university. So in order to be accepted, you have to really show that you are talented in music.

7- Royal Music Academy

Location: London, UK
Year of establishment: 1822
Highlights: Elton John, Annie Lennox
If you are planning to study abroad and would like to study music, you can get admission to the Royal Academy of Music, which is exactly what you need. The academy accepts students from different countries. So there is a chance that you will be accepted to this academy, but you literally have to work hard for it.

Rest assured that this university is worth your tireless efforts. This academy is attached to the University of London, and if you are looking for other fields besides music, you can study at the University of London.

8- Royal College of Music

Location: London, UK
Year of Establish: 1882
Highlights: Andrew Lloyd Weber, James Horner, Vanessa Mae
If you enter the Royal Academy in London, there are other options in this big city and your second choice for this city should be the Royal College of Music. These two centers have similar names and have a specialized music board. There are 4 amazing schools in the UK that are dedicated to performing arts education.

Of these four, only two are in London. So if you want to live in this city, it is a good opportunity to study in this college. In addition, you can become a great musician. The university has also been active in research on music performance and has influenced their teaching methods. The ceremonies are also performed live and will receive many guests.

9- Jacob School of Music at Indiana University

Location: Bloomington, IN
Highlights: Joshua Bell, Carl Bruemel
This university may not be as famous as other universities, but certainly many people enter the music job market after studying at this music school, and famous letters have come out of this school, all of which are based on Indiana University education. And they have very good job opportunities. Many universities admit a small number of people each year; Jacob School, on the other hand, admits 2,000 students in each course. This public university is often less expensive than private options; Especially for people who live in this area and are natives.

10- Mans University of Music

Location: New York
Year of Establishment: 1916
Highlights: Burt Bacharach
Another music university in New York City is the same university. It may be difficult to become a professional musician in the United States, but this university focuses on music. Graduates of this university not only become very outstanding professors, but also have tens of years of experience, and countless job and internship opportunities help them, and they can work in any field. And become a successful person.

New York City is a city of music and Los Angeles is a city of acting, so you’re like a little fish in this big lake, but make sure you’re in the right lake. It also nurtures many people in the arts as part of its new universities. There are many possibilities available to them and it can help them succeed.

Proud universities

Fortunately, not only is this list of universities prominent in the field of music in the world, but other top universities can also be introduced in this field. So if you are not local or not admitted to the universities mentioned above, you can also consider the following options.

In this section, we will introduce you to 10 music universities that are worth exploring.

University of Live Arts Music in San Francisco
Berkeley Boston University of the Living Arts
Johns Hopkins University
Cleveland University of Music
Northwestern University of Music
University of Berlin
The National University of the Living Arts of the Danes de Paris in France
University of Rochester in New York
Guildhall University in Music and Drama in London, UK
Oslo Academy of Music, Norway

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