The level of dissatisfaction of the American people with the President of this country has reached its highest level.

According to the website of the Hill newspaper, the results of a new poll conducted by the CNBC news network show that US President Joe Biden, who in September and April last year, had 54% and 46% dissatisfaction with his countrymen, respectively. In a recent poll, it recorded an unprecedented 56 percent dissatisfaction.

Biden is currently 44% popular.

Biden has been hit hardest by managing the economy and the Corona epidemic. In particular, the survey found that 60% of respondents were dissatisfied with Biden’s economic management and 55% did not find Biden’s management of the corona epidemic satisfactory.

In the field of economics, 72% of respondents said they were dissatisfied with Biden’s management of everyday commodity prices, and 66% said Biden was unsatisfactory in improving the economy.

Even though the US stock market is experiencing one of its best years in decades, 46 percent of respondents rated it as “not so good” or “weak.”

On the issue of vaccination coercion, half of the participants believe that Biden has exaggerated, 26% agreed with the government’s policy and 24% said that it has not been tightened as it should be.

The poll was conducted on December 17-20, last year, with 1,895 participants, and its margin of error is 3.1%.

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