The life of Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world

American entrepreneur and businessman Jeff Bezos is now the richest man in the world, founding the Amazon Online Store and Blue Aerospace. In this article from Bamboo Blog, we will review the biography of Jeff Bezos and get acquainted with the characteristics of this successful person.

Jeff Bezos is the founder, CEO and CEO of the world’s largest online store, Amazon. Of course, he also has other businesses, such as the Washington Post and the Blue Origin space company; But it owes its original reputation to Amazon.

An Introduction to the Life of Jeff Bezos

Sometimes letters go beyond their previous meanings and in completely different contexts. Like the Amazon, which, before Jeff Bezos took office, reminded the world of a large river in the wild and exciting.

An Introduction to the Biography of Jeff Bezos An Introduction to the Biography of Jeff Bezos
After Jeff Bezos named his business the Amazon, the name of that ancient river became the second conjecture of 21st century people after hearing the word Amazon. This is power that can only be achieved by ordinary people with unusual thinking. In this Bamboo Blog article, we go to Jeff Bezos and try to take stock of his success and the adventures of his quest for success.

Jeff Bezos was born in 1964 in the United States. Jeff loved computers from the beginning and studied computer science and electronic engineering at university.

Biography of Jeff Bezos Biography of Jeff Bezos

Biography of Jeff Bezos, Jeff Childhood

After finishing his studies, Jeff got a job at Wall Street. Four years later, he quit his lucrative job and started Amazon at the age of 30.

All the news of Jeff Bezos’ girlfriend at a glance

Bezos’ presence at the computer company “SHAW” lit the spark for the founding of Amazon in his mind. It was then that Bezos became interested in setting up a distance shopping store and conducted research in this area. The reason Amazon first started with books was because at the time, the only product that no company remotely shipped to anyone was books. Of course, Amazon later shifted to selling everything to everyone.

Amazon gradually grew from an online bookstore to the largest online store in the world. But Bezos was not satisfied with this and entered new areas, the most important of which may be the purchase of the Washington Post in 2013.

Biography of Jeff Bezos before Amazon

Jeff Bezos’ biography has become pre- and post-Amazon.

Jeff Bezos was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico. His parents’ marriage lasted only one year, and when Jeff was only four years old, his mother married a Cuban immigrant. Jeff takes Bezos’ last name from his stepfather.

From an early age, he had a curious spirit and turned their garage into a laboratory. He entertained himself with electronic components. As a teenager, he moved to Miami with his family.

In those years, Jeff fell in love with the fascinating world of computers. He attended Princeton University, graduating with a degree in computer science and electronic engineering.

After graduating, he worked for several companies on Wall Street, including Fitel, Bankers Trust, and D.E. Shaw got to work. The idea of ​​building an Amazon store was also formed during the days of Bezos in Shaw.

During his four years on the Wall Street market, he achieved great success. While it always seemed great, Jeff Bezos made the biggest decision of his life. He resigned from his job in 1994, moved to Seattle and started his own internet business, and this is the beginning of the Amazon story.

Biography of Jeff Bezos and Amazon

The story of Jeff Bezos and the Amazon The story of Jeff Bezos and the Amazon
Bezos traveled from New York to Seattle in 1994, during which time he implemented Amazon’s business plan. Like many American startups of the day, Amazon started in a garage.

Jeff Bezos was working for a large, high-income investment firm in New York. But he became interested in working in the field after reading extensive news about the increasing use of the Internet.

On the other hand, in those years, US law exempted postal companies from paying taxes in states that did not have a physical office. These events were the reasons that encouraged Bezos to leave his permanent job and start his new company. His parents also invested $ 300,000 in retirement savings into Amazon.

In the early days of Amazon, they designed a ringtone for every customer purchase, which, when it rang, would come together to identify the buyer. After a few weeks, the number of purchases increased so much that they had to hang up.

Amazon employees and people who have done research on the company’s work environment believe that Bezos is a meticulous manager who is very interested in having information about everything that happens in the company.

In 2015, an article was published in the New York Times that described the Amazon space as cold and soulless. This article describes the Amazon work environment that is dry and without any fun. Jeff Bezos was quick to respond, denying the New York Times allegations in a note he sent to his staff. He went one step further and announced that anyone who thought the article’s claims were true should contact him immediately.

In May 2016, Bezos sold more than one million shares in Amazon for $ 671 million. In August of that year, another one million shares were sold at $ 756.7 million. As of June 2016, Bezos owned 83.9 million shares of the company it had founded. That’s about 16.9 percent of Amazon, valued at $ 83.9 billion.

Jeff Bezos and a bigger dream than Amazon

Most people know Jeff Bezos by his online store, Amazon. But his ambitions know no bounds. Perhaps many of us would have been content with our wealth and success if we had been in the position of Bezos, and would have given up trying.

In 1998, Amazon acquired the popular IMDb website. A year later, it acquired the Alexa website, which provides data and web analytics. In 2007, the DPReview website, which specializes in digital camera reviews, became a subsidiary of Amazon.

In the third millennium, Amazon improved its financial situation year by year. In 2007, Jeff Bezos became an entrepreneur and began producing digital products. This year he unveiled Amazon’s first e-book called the Kindle.

Jeff Bezos also invested in Blue Origin that same year.

A company that specializes in space travel technologies.

In 2011, a year after Apple introduced the first iPad, Jeff Bezos introduced the first Amazon tablet. This tablet was called Kindle Fire. Amazon has launched several models of e-readers and tablets to date.

In 2013, Jeff Bezos made headlines again. He needed a powerful medium, so he bought the Washington Post and all the publishers associated with it. Bezos spent $ 250 million to do so. This purchase is personally related to Jeff Bezos and has nothing to do with Amazon.

In the same year, another interesting news item was published in the media. Jeff Bezos came up with the idea of ​​sending goods by drone. Amazon is currently working on the project, known as Amazon Prime Air.

Jeff Bezos has also founded a company called Bezos Expeditions. His personal investments are made through this company.

Many of today’s well-known companies, services and sites have received all or part of their capital from Bezos Expeditions. Among them we can mention the famous news website‌.

Personal life of the richest person in the world

The media called Jeff Bezos and his wife Mackenzie “the richest couple in history”; They were married before the Amazon was involved and have been faithful to it for nearly 25 years.

Biography of Jeff Bezos Biography of Jeff Bezos

The billionaire couple first wrote about each other in 1992 in a job interview.

It wasn’t long before Jeff Bezos told Mackenzie the idea for his online bookstore one day: “I was not a businessman, but I could tell by his tone of voice; “And what could be more beautiful than to witness and be proud of your wife?”

1994 The Bezos resign from their jobs in New York and move to Seattle, USA to establish Amazon. When Amazon launched, Mackenzie became the company’s first accountant. He also went for important consultations; He led and concluded Amazon’s contract with Barnes & Noble Bookstore.

Despite all the stories about Jeff’s success, he finally divorced his wife in 2019. Mackenzie was given $ 38 billion in Amazon stock to become the world’s third richest woman. However, Amazon’s assets have grown to $ 1 billion in recent years, and that $ 38 billion is only about 4% of the company’s stock. Estimates show that Bezos is worth about $ 137 billion.

Biography of Jeff Bezos and other investments

The founder of Amazon is one of the first investors in Google. In 1998, he invested $ 250,000 in the company and bought 3.3 million shares. Bezos shares in Google today are worth about $ 3.1 billion.

Another company in which Bezos has invested is Unity Biotechnology. The company has ambitious goals to slow down or stop the aging process in humans. Most of Bezos’ personal investments are made through Bezos Expeditions, and several large companies, including AirBanby, Business Insider, Uber and Twitter, are among them.

Jeff Bezos also invests in charities and nonprofits. The company in charge of this type of investment is Bezos Center. He also founded a charitable organization called the Bezos Family Foundation, which is an educational charity. The charity is funded primarily by Bezos’s parents in an initial investment in Amazon.

Other Honors Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos was named First Person of the Year in 1999 by Time Magazine. In 2008, he was named one of America’s Top Leaders by US News & World Report. The Amazon founder also received an honorary doctorate from Carnegie Mellon University.

In 2011-11, The Economist Magazine awarded its Invention Award to Jeff Bezos and Greg Zar for launching the Amazon Kindle. In 2012, Fortune Magazine named him Merchant of the Year. Jeff Bezos was a member of the Executive Committee of the American Business Council in 2011 and 2012.

In 2014, Harvard Business Magazine named him CEO of the Year. For three years in a row, Jeff Bezos has been among Fortune Magazine’s top 50 world leaders. He topped the list in 2015. One of his latest honors is the $ 250,000 Heinlin Award for Commercializing Space Travel in 2016. He presented the award to SEDS, of which he was a member.

What is the secret to Jeff Bezos’ success?

Jeff Bezos’ risk-taking, pragmatism, diligence, discovering new opportunities, pursuing aspirations and ideas, thinking big, being purposeful and up-to-date are some of the most important characteristics of successful people like Bezos.

At Bamboo Blog, we examine the lives of successful people to reach their commonalities and try to follow in their footsteps.

One of the most important characteristics of successful people like Jeff Bezos is to have a dream and turn it into a real goal. A goal that is ultimately achieved through effort and planning around the clock.

Both in your personal life and in your financial life, if you are looking for great and impressive success, you must cross this path. Having a goal is the first and biggest condition for achieving the dreams you have in your head.

Jeff Bezos from Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett, another successful and wealthy person in the world today, answered the question of who owns the most captivating business mind he has seen in his nearly eight decades of market observation experience: “What Jeff Bezos has done so far and will do in the future is perhaps the most dramatic achievement I have ever seen. “Because he has entered two major industries and, at the same time, in the eyes of competitors, he has become a leader, and now he is redefining them and succeeding in really big businesses.”