The Scream franchise is finally set to release its fifth instalment soon

It’s the spooky season – and fans are thrilled as the new SCREAM trailer has just dropped.

The fifth movie in the series sees a return from Courteney Cox and David Arquette from the original.

The new movie follows a young woman who returns to her old neighbourhood only to encounter a horrific murder case.

The trailer starts with a now-familiar scene – with a phone ringing and a young girl called Terra ignoring it.

She’s then seen texting a friend who she thinks is pranking her – only to discover the friend on the other end of the phone isn’t actually a friend.

“Would you like to play Terra?” the speaker says after she finally answers the phone.

Next, we jump-cut between an intruder trying to get into the house with the now terrified Terra trying desperately to avoid the masked villain.

Fans are then shown some familiar faces in the form of Dewey Riley and Sidney Prescott, played by David Arquette and Neve Campbell respectively. 

Sidney returns home to warn a group of teens that the mysterious killer will keep coming for them.

Scream 5 trailer

A two-minute trailer for Scream 5 was released on Tuesday, October 12, and featured plenty of action and clues as to who Ghostface may be.Scream 2022 Official Trailer seconds of 2 minutes, 18 secondsVolume 90% 

Neve Campbell is back playing Sidney Prescott, Courtney Cox reprises her role as Gale Weathers and Dewey Riley continues to be played by David Arquette.

Meanwhile, the trailer opens with a teenage girl in her home texting her friend Amber. However, all is not as it seems as Tara’s landline begins ringing and she is instructed by her friend. Asking how Amber knew her phone was ringing, the reply says, “This isn’t Amber”.

Upon answering the phone, Ghostface asks Tara if she’d “like to play a game”. The trailer is reminiscent of the first Scream movie, which saw Drew Barrymore’s character Casey Becker murdered on her porch.

We soon learn that this isn’t the only reference to the first film with Sidney opening the door to what appears to be the original murder house.

Fans believe the house could be where the new cast are living. They have also theorised that Ghostface may be related to the originals and could be an old character’s family member getting revenge.

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However, Sidney is adamant to end the killing spree and says: “I won’t sleep until he’s in the ground.”

The fifth film being named SCREAM, rather than Scream 5, could also hint the franchise is coming full circle.

Scream’s writer Kevin Williamson tweeted: “That’s a wrap on Scream, which I’m excited to announce is the official title of the next film!

The Ghostface killer is back in the terrifying first trailer of Scream.

The two-minute clip released on Tuesday, October 12, sees a new killer donning the Ghostface mask as he terrorizes citizens and targets the teenagers of Woodsboro. The fresh killings lead them to unearth past brutal murders in the town.

“The attacks were all on people related to the original killers,” someone said in the trailer.

“This is the fifth one, you know, but it’s not Scream 5 though…. It’s a new franchise. It’s hip, it’s scary, it’s just a new Scream. It’s not a reboot, it’s not a remake, it’s just a brand new launch. I think it’s gonna be fantastic,” she said.

Actors Neve Campbell’s Sidney Prescott, Courteney Cox’s Gale Weathers and David Arquette’s Deputy Dewey Riley are back for the slasher, along with a new cast of characters, many of which will probably not make it to the end credits with a new Ghostface killer on the loose.

The trailer begins with a scene mirroring Drew Barrymore’s iconic opening to 1996’s ‘Scream’, but this time Ghostface texts newcomer (Jenna Ortega) before disabling the alarm system, breaking into her house and presumably murdering her, reports

The original characters explain to the traumatised newbies that Ghostface always targets people related to the original cast. Sidney prepares for another bloody showdown with the killer, saying: “I’ve been through this a lot.”

In the trailer, Dewey tells Sydney over the phone: “It’s happening. Three attacks so far. Do you have a gun?”

To which Sidney replies: “I’m Sidney Prescott, of course I have a gun.”

New entrants to film include Jack Quaid, Melissa Barrera, Dylan Minnette, Mason Gooding, Kyle Gallner, Sonia Ammar, Mikey Madison, Jasmin Savoy Brown and Reggie Conquest.

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The original ‘Scream’ premiered in 1996 and was directed by the late Wes Craven.

It starred Campbell as Sidney Prescott, a high schooler targeted by a masked killer named Ghostface who was obsessed with 1980s horror movies.

Following its success, ‘Scream’ went on to have three more installments, each starring Campbell, Cox and Arquette and directed by Craven.

After Craven’s death in 2015, many including Campbell were left skeptical that the film would ever return.

“I had been really apprehensive about doing another one,” Campbell told Jamie Lee Curtis in Variety’s special “House of Horror” conversation.

Campbell added: “People had asked in the past whether I would do another one without Wes or whether I would make another one. I always felt like it’d be too difficult to do it without Wes. He was the master of these films. He did such a beautiful job on them. We were a family.”

It was a note from directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, who helmed 2019’s horror-comedy ‘Ready or Not’, that changed her mind.

Executive producer Kevin Williamson, who wrote the original ‘Scream’ also kept Craven in mind while approaching the new project.

The new film’s screenplay has been written by James Vanderbilt and Guy Busick, and it is being co-produced by Paramount Pictures and Spyglass Media Group, with Spyglass overseeing production.

“It’s happening. Three attacks so far,” Dewey tells Sidney over the phone. “Do you have a gun?”

To which Sidney replies, “I’m Sidney Prescott, of course I have a gun.” Iconic!

Directed by the late Wes Craven, the original Scream was released in 1996.

The story followed high schooler Sidney Prescott, who was targeted by a masked killer named who was obsessed with ’80s horror movies.