The tech giant Apple / Apple earns a whopping $ 8,000 per minute

Technology giants such as Facebook, Netflix, Amazon and Apple are increasing their revenue at a time when a large percentage of businesses around the world are experiencing declining revenue.

The Corona Pandemic has affected online businesses more than any other business and brought them revenue growth; Among the online businesses, tech giants such as Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Tesla, Microsoft, Google and Netflix have benefited the most. Apple Corporation, a well-known company, earns $ 848,090 per minute. This shows the importance of tech companies in the global economy.

Facebook is still facing a lot of negative waves because privacy issues have attracted more attention, but this event has not been able to take the first place in the list of revenue from Facebook.

Published surveys show that Facebook has been named the best company in the last quarter with revenue of $ 27 billion and has hosted an average of 2.8 billion monthly active users on its main platform.

Alphabet, Google’s parent company, finished last year with $ 182 billion in revenue; The company made only $ 20 billion from YouTube. It is worth mentioning that 4 billion searches are registered daily on Google, and this website is the most popular website in the world.

As for Amazon, although the United States remains their most prominent market, the company has significant performance in other parts of the world; In 2020, for example, they earned nearly $ 20 billion from Japan and $ 29 billion from Germany.

Tesla, however, narrates the trend of globalization of electric vehicles

By joining the top 500 companies and becoming a shareholder in S&P, the company was able to become the richest man in the world.

Microsoft is the second largest shareholder in Big Tech with a market value of $ 1.75 trillion

Its various business assets include Bing, LinkedIn, Xbox and the cloud computing service.

Apple is no longer confined to the iPhone; In the first quarter of 2021, Apple’s services earned $ 15.7 billion, more than the Mac and iPad, which each contributed about $ 8 billion to the business, as well as wearables, homes and accessories. $ 12.9 billion helped Apple generate revenue.

The Corona pandemic has been very kind to Netflix; The broadcasting giant ended 2020 with 52 million new subscribers, bringing the total number of subscribers to 203 million.

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