Trump insulted Netanyahu, accusing her of “unfaithfulness.”

Former United States President Donald Trump has strongly criticized former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his close ally for congratulating Joe Biden, insulting him and accusing him of infidelity.

Mr. Trump used insulting remarks about Mr. Netanyahu, saying he was angry with him for congratulating Joe Biden on his victory in the previous US presidential election.

Mr Trump also said he believed he had saved Israel from destruction.

Donald Trump has made the remarks in interviews for a book about his role in the Middle East peace process.

Mr. Netanyahu was Israel’s prime minister at the same time as Mr. Trump was in the White House, and the two showed that they had a very warm personal relationship and often praised each other in public.

But in an interview with Barack Ravid, Mr. Trump accused Mr. Netanyahu of “congratulating” Joe Biden, the winner of the previous US presidential election, and “unfaithfulness” for Trump’s book of peace, entitled “The Ibrahim Pact, the Transformation of the Middle East.”

Mr. Trump did not accept the election result and challenged it, although his claims were never substantiated.

“The first person to congratulate [Joe Biden] was Baby [Benjamin] Netanyahu, the one I worked hardest on … Baby could have been silent. She made a terrible mistake,” Mr Trump said.

Mr. Trump continues: “He congratulated very soon. Early on. I have not spoken to him since. […]” and insulted Mr. Netanyahu.

But that was not the case, and Netanyahu was not the first foreign leader to congratulate Biden on his victory. He also praised Mr. Trump in another tweet minutes after congratulating Biden.

“No one has worked harder for the baby than I have. I loved the baby and I still do, but I also love fidelity,” Mr. Trump continued.

Last June, after two years of political stalemate in Israel, Netanyahu’s 12 years as prime minister ended and he was ousted.

Mr. Trump has said in several previous interviews that he believes he has saved Israel from destruction.

“If I had not come to power, I think Israel would have been destroyed. Okay. Do you want the truth? I think maybe Israel would have been destroyed by now,” Mr Trump said.

During his presidency, Mr. Trump took many steps in support of Mr. Netanyahu, including the recognition of Jerusalem as the official capital of Israel, which met with much reaction.

East Jerusalem was occupied by Israel in 1967 during the Arab-Israeli war. The Israeli government annexed East Jerusalem in 1981.

Israel considers the entire city its capital, but most countries do not recognize Israeli sovereignty over the city.

Trump insulted Netanyahu, accusing her of “unfaithfulness.”