Trump: Leaving Afghanistan was the most embarrassing moment in American history

In an interview, the former US president called the clumsy implementation of the US withdrawal plan from Afghanistan by Joe Biden’s government “the most shameful moment” in US history.

“I think this departure marked the most shameful and humiliating period in the history of our country,” former President Donald Trump said in an interview with Mark Levine, host of “Life, Freedom and Levine” on Fox News.

“I was fully prepared to take the United States out of a position of remarkable and dignified power,” he said in the interview. In my plan for this exit, no one was going to be killed and we would not have $ 85 billion left and we would not have left 10 cents. I said that bolts and nails should be removed from Afghanistan.

“No one is talking about the soldiers wounded in the Kabul bombing and that he thinks ‘nothing was as horrible as that,'” he said in an interview. He added that he had met with a large number of parents of 13 American soldiers killed in the bombing, and that they “could not believe that this had happened to their child.”

“Inflation is engulfing our people alive,” Trump said in an interview with Biden over the high price of gasoline. “No one has such a border, even in the most remote places in the world,” he said, referring to the situation on the South American border.

“Millions and millions of people come here in an uncontrolled way,” he said. “Countries are emptying their prisons in the United States like a landfill,” Trump claimed.

He praised his presidency, saying it was a “beautiful period” and that the catastrophic events of the past 10 months make his term even “more beautiful.”

Such events “should never have happened,” he added.

Trump spoke nostalgically of his administration, labeling Democrats “sick” for their two failed attempts to “impeach Alki.”

Trump’s first post-republican book, “Our Journey Together,” which is just a collection of pictures on the cafeteria table, is set to be released next month.

Trump has included a text at the beginning of the book to dedicate to a few people that reads: “Most importantly, dedicate yourself to the pitiful ones like you who made me come here!”

Trump won the 9th Taekwondo Black Belt; “I’m going to Congress in the same clothes!”

The Kokiwan Martial Arts Institute, also known as the World Taekwondo Headquarters and home to the World Taekwondo Academy, awarded former President Donald Trump the 9th Honorary Black Belt. This is the highest level for martial arts professional athletes.

According to the Daily Mail, Lee Dong-seop, the head of Kokiwan, went to Maralago, the residence of Donald Trump in Florida, to present the black belt of Taekwondo, which many people aspire to, to the former US President.

“I heard Trump was a big fan of Taekwondo,” Lee said.

Trump, whose controversy with President Nancy Pelosi during his presidency has made headlines, promised during the meeting that he would go to the US Congress in the same taekwondo uniform and black belt if he returned to the White House. Will go.

This honorary certification means that Trump is now the cousin of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who, despite his involvement in judo, received the “honorary” black belt of Taekwondo in 2013 and became the Grand Master of the discipline.

“I am honored and happy to receive this honorary certificate,” Trump said. Taekwondo these days is a wonderful martial art to defend yourself.

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