Trump sells the Washington Hotel

The Trump administration has reportedly reached a $ 375 million deal to sell its valuable hotel in Washington.

If the sale is finalized, the Trump International Hotel will be renamed Waldorf Astoria and will be operated by the Hilton Group.

Last month, a U.S. congressional investigation found that the hotel had lost more than $ 70 million during Donald Trump’s presidency.

The company of the former US president opened this hotel to the public in September 2016.

The Trump administration, which bought the building on a 60-year lease, has been looking to buy a 263-room hotel since 2019.

According to sources in the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg, the deal with Miami-based investment company CGI Mercant Group is expected to be completed in the first quarter of next year.

The 120-year-old building is about a mile from the White House on Pennsylvania Street.

The Trump administration received permission in 2012 to renovate this historic former US post office building.

The hotel opened four years later, just weeks after Trump accepted the Republican nomination for president.

During Mr. Trump’s presidency, the hotel became popular with Republicans visiting Washington.

But in 2018, this hotel became controversial. Religious leaders at the time called for the hotel’s liquor license to be revoked, saying the hotel owner “did not have a good personality.”

A recent congressional inquiry found that Donald Trump had spoken of the hotel’s “very exaggerated” profits, even though he claimed to have earned $ 150 million during his presidency.

According to a congressional committee, the hotel lost more than $ 70 million instead of making a profit.

The report also says that Mr. Trump has been in a “potential conflict of interest” at the same time as the hotel owner and the US president.

According to the committee, documents show that the hotel received $ 3.7 million from foreign governments to cover 7,400 hotel nights at an average daily rate.

The Trump administration has denied any wrongdoing, calling the report “misleading.”

Trump and the CGI Business Group have so far not responded to BBC requests to respond to the sale of the hotel.

The amazing towers of Donald Trump around the world

Trump towers (skyscrapers) are very famous all over the world and Trump brand has become a reputable construction brand. Originally founded by Donald Trump’s father, the large construction company was developed by the current president of the United States in the years leading up to the presidency. Before introducing Trump’s famous towers around the world, it is good to know a little about him:

Donald John Trump was born on June 14, 1946 in New York City, USA. Donald Trump is currently the 45th President of the United States. Prior to entering politics and the presidency, he was a businessman and a television and media figure, and headed the Trump organization for 45 years.

On June 16, 2015, Donald Trump announced his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination for the 2016 US presidential election from his headquarters in the Trump Tower in New York. “We’re Returning,” he said, maneuvering on domestic issues such as illegal immigration to the United States and the relocation of Americans’ jobs.

Trump Tower in New York

Trump’s most famous tower is the 72-story, 264-meter-high Donald Trump residential skyscraper, designed by American architect Der Scutt on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, New York, in 1983, and completed in 1984. And Donald Trump International Tower in New York is valued at about $ 300 million, with units ranging from $ 625,000 for a very small unit to $ 2.8 billion for larger units, with penthouses on the top two floors of the tower priced high. $ 58 million, with Donald Trump and Melania’s own penthouse on the 66th floor, and marble walls, floors, and columns with 24-karat gold trim on lamps, vases, and crowns in each room. It is also covered and all the materials used are from the top brands in New York City.

Trump Tower in Chicago

The Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago, also known as the Chicago Trump Tower, is a 98-story, 423-meter skyscraper built by Skidmore, Owings, Merrill, and Adrienne Smith in 2005. In 2009, the construction of this tower was completed. The tower was the second tallest building in the United States at the time of its construction, and the skyscraper has 27 elevators, residential units and a 339-room hotel, and a shopping center as well as a restaurant.

Trump World Tower in New York

The Trump World Tower is a residential tower on the east side of the Manhattan neighborhood in New York City, USA. The construction of the tower, designed by a Polish engineer named Martarodzka, began in 1991 and was completed in 2001. The black bronze glass cover gives the tower a terrific look.

The tower is 264 meters high and has 72 floors. It was the tallest residential tower in the world before the construction of the 21st century tower in Dubai and the Samsung Tower in Seoul, and of course one or two new towers in 2020 in New York. (Articles from the world’s tallest residential tower are available at Login Brands: Central Park, New York)

Trump Organization

The Trump Organization is a limited-ownership cluster company headquartered in the Trump Tower in Manhattan, New York. In 1971, the management of the Elizabeth Trump Construction Company was transferred from Fred Trump to his son Donald, and he changed the name of the company to the Trump Organization. The Trump Organization operates, invests and develops residential real estate, hotels, resorts, residential towers and golf courses in various countries, as well as several towers and residential towns in New York City. The organization is also a shareholder in Trump Recreation Resorts, the owner and operator of the Taj Mahal Trump Complex, Trump Plaza and Trump Marina. The Trump organization, along with the NBC network, hosts and invests in various television programs.
The Trump Organization is a parent company investing in the United States, Europe, Asia, and other parts of the world, in a variety of industries, including real estate, construction, hospitality, and entertainment, as well as in various areas such as book and magazine publishing, media, Activities in fashion, retail, financial services, computer games, food and beverage, business education, online travel services and airlines.
The organization is run by the Trump family and is headed by Donald Trump, and his three eldest children are John, Ivanka and Eric, his deputies.

Brands covered by Trump

In addition to Trump’s traditional investments in real estate, hospitality, and entertainment, he worked hard to build the Trump brand and expand the brand into other industries and products. Trump brand in marketing various products such as Trump finance (mortgage), Trump leasing and sale (housing sale), Trump entrepreneurship (formerly known as Trump University), Trump restaurants (located in the Trump Tower and including Trump buffet, Trump reception and Trump ice cream), GoTrump travel website, Donald Trump’s menswear and watch collections, Donald Trump perfume, Trump magazine, Golf Trump, Trump chocolate, Home Trump (furniture), Trump products TV production), Trump Institute, Trump game (board game), Donald Trump, s Real Estate Tycoon (business game computer simulation), Trump books, Trump shuttle, Trump fashion management, Trump ice (bottle water) , Trump Mortgage and Trump Stick have been successful. In addition, Trump receives $ 1.5 million for each hour he attends the Learning Annex.
In 2011, Forbes financial experts estimated the value of the Trump brand at $ 200 million; Trump does not accept this assessment and believes that his brand is worth $ 3 billion. Many real estate developers use the Trump brand to market their projects. For this reason, Trump does not own many of the projects that are named after him. According to Forbes magazine, this part of Trump’s empire, ruled by his children, is the most valuable part of it, worth $ 562 million.

Trump Hotels

Trump Hotels’s motto is “Live the life” and offers a range of luxury hotels with unlimited services. These hotels have been built in various cities such as New York, Chicago, Miami, Las Vegas, Panama, Toronto, Canada and Waikiki, Hawaii, and each is the most famous hotel in the city with its unique architecture and luxury services. All of these hotels have a homely atmosphere, spacious rooms, luxurious spas, sports and fitness equipment, great views and unlimited comfort.
Other large luxury hotels are under construction in Washington, DC, Vancouver, Canada, and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and will be operational by the end of 2016.

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