Trump’s social network has raised $ 1 billion

Former United States President Donald Trump has raised about $ 1 billion before he went public.

Trump Media and Technology is set to launch the social networking app early next year.

Donald Trump’s Facebook and Twitter accounts were closed after he attacked the Congress building last January and he was banned from these social networks.

“$ 1 billion sends an important message to big tech companies that censorship and political discrimination must end,” Mr. Trump said.

He said the increase in turnover puts his company in a “stronger position to fight the tyranny of large technology companies”.

Earlier this year, Donald Trump announced the launch of his social network to allow a dialogue “without discrimination based on political ideology.”

Mr. Trump’s social networking company announced Saturday that it has raised $ 1 billion from “a wide range of investment institutions” but did not name an individual.

Mr. Trump’s social media company is valued at about $ 4 billion.

Attracting this capital shows that Donald Trump has strong financial support, despite the words and sayings of his presidency.

Mr. Trump was banned from active on social media after attacking the Congress building on January 7 last year for fear of escalating violence. This was the time when he claimed “widespread fraud” in the presidential election without providing any evidence.

Mr. Trump had 89 million followers on Twitter before attacking Congress, and 33 million and 24.24 million followers on Facebook and Instagram, respectively.

Donald Trump’s social network is scheduled to launch in the first quarter of this year. This will be the first of three startup steps.

It is said that in the next steps, the possibility of watching the program for subscribers with topics such as entertainment, news and podcasts will be added.

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