US Senate opposes annual military budget bill

The U.S. Senate has blocked the passage of an annual military budget bill requested by the government, known as the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), despite opposition from Republicans and some Liberal Democrats, although lawmakers in the U.S. Congress are set to use it. Continue on this big annual defense policy bill that has been passed and passed into law for 60 consecutive years.

The bill passed a 45-51 vote, meaning it could not get the 60 “positive” votes needed to pass the 100-member Senate, according to Reuters.

The NDAA bill, which is usually passed with strong support from the two major US parties, is closely followed by a wide range of industry and other stakeholders, as it determines everything from the number of ships intended for purchase in the US military to the increase in troop salaries. And how to deal with geopolitical threats.

This year’s bill provides for about $ 770 billion in funding for the Pentagon, and has been one of the reasons some Democrats oppose it. They say the military budget should not be so high when the country does not pay enough attention to issues such as health care, education and climate change.

U.S. lawmakers are proud that the NDAA Military Budget Bill has been passed into law every year since 1961, and say it shows their support for the military. Because it is one of the few major US bills that becomes law every year, it is used as a stimulus to legislate on issues ranging from competition with China to cyber policy.

Republicans said the reason for their vote against the bill was because Democrats, who have close control of the Senate, allowed enough votes to vote on amendments, including an amendment to impose mandatory sanctions on the Rolling Stream 2 project, a pipeline. They did not deliver the Russian-backed natural gas supply, which opponents say is harmful to US allies in Europe.

Senator Jim Einhoff, a senior Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee, said the bill would eventually be passed. “I still strongly support this bill and I hope we will pass it soon,” Einhoff said.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer called the recent vote on the bill “inexplicable and ugly” and accused Republicans of voting to the detriment of US troops. “Just because a number of Republicans did not get every point they insisted on, they are stopping the process,” he said.

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