Walking on the most expensive street in the world, Fifth Avenue in New York

Walking on the most expensive street in the world and watching the products of the most famous brands on Fifth Avenue in New York will surprise you. Walking on this luxurious street, where the world’s largest manufacturers are represented, will take you to the world of fashion. Of course, it is not necessary to walk on this street, it must have entered it with pockets full of money. It is also a pleasure to watch the big buildings and the fashionable world behind the shop windows.

What’s up on Fifth Avenue in New York ?!

New York’s Fifth Avenue, like other ordinary streets in the city, was originally just a small road. Its large commercial buildings were formerly residential and there was nothing special on the street, but they changed in the late twentieth century. The first commercial building was built by Benjamin Altman on the northeast corner of 34th Street. With the expansion of commercial buildings, Fifth Avenue became the most expensive street in New York City, and most investors thought of building on this street.
In 2008, Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue became one of the most luxurious streets in the world, along with the Cai Bai Hong Kong, the Champs Elysees in Paris and New Bund Street in London. Today, renting a square meter of commercial space on Fifth Avenue in New York costs about 13,000 euros a year, which is a considerable amount. The most famous brands, by establishing a store on this street, multiplied their annual profit and offered new services. One of the most popular Fifth Avenue brands is Apple with its glass building.

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A glass cube with a logo in the middle that displays the glowing apple of Steve Jobs at night. This cube, which was designed and built in 2006 with a height of 9 meters; The entrance is to one of the Apple Stores on Fifth Avenue.
A little further on, the Tiffany brand has a white building and is decorated with flowers, and displays the famous jewelry of this brand. The place where Tiffany’s breakfast movie was filmed. Other famous brands such as Cartier, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Versace, Microsoft and thousands of other brands with their large and tall buildings, have turned this street into a major shopping center in New York.

History and Art on Fifth Avenue in New York

You might think that nothing but small and big shops are waiting for you on this long street, but Fifth Street has other stories. A collection of museums, St. Patrick’s Church, Trump Tower, the Empire State Building, and finally a side of New York Central Park are on Fifth Avenue.
Part of New York’s Fifth Avenue is the land of history and art, which houses nine museums within short distances. The Metropolitan Museum sits at the intersection of 82nd Street with a valuable collection of American history, followed by the Del Barrio Museum, New York City, Jewish, Smithsonian Design, Guggenheim Museum, New York Gallery and Museum of African Art, a historic center in the heart of the world’s most expensive street.
St. Patrick’s Church, with its beautiful building and different architecture, has created a spectacular space between 50th and 51st streets, which leads to the famous Plaza Hotel on Fifth Avenue, the most famous hotel in New York with fascinating stories in its heart. The 102-story Empire State Building, one of the tallest skyscrapers in the world, can also be seen at the intersection of 34th and Fifth Streets.

How to get to Fifth Avenue?

New York’s Fifth Avenue is one of Manhattan’s main streets, starting north of Washington Park in Greenwich Village and extending to 143 West Harlem Street. To reach this street, millions of public transportation vehicles are available to tourists. BXM1, M5, QM10, QM15, X63 bus stops are the closest to Fifth Avenue, and if you plan to use the subway, Lines 7, 7X, D and M will take you to Fifth Avenue.

You have the opportunity to explore this street, view the shop windows, shop and get acquainted with the fashion of the world from 12 noon to 12 pm. Visiting museums and their special programs has a separate cost and you should be aware of its opening hours. But it is possible to photograph the tallest skyscrapers on the most luxurious street in the world at any time of the day.
This famous street has a dedicated website where complete information about shops, museums, parks and other related buildings is available. By visiting the website, you can easily find out about the various programs of museums or their entrance fee and working hours.

Best time to visit Fifth Avenue

Choose to travel to New York from April to July or September to early November. At this time of year the weather has been cool and temperate and there are fewer tourists on the streets.
If you are planning to shop on Fifth Avenue stores; Early morning is a better time to walk around and watch the shops. In the afternoon, the weather is usually warmer and large crowds flock to this street. The pleasure of sightseeing and shopping on the bright nights of New York is also an unforgettable memory of this beautiful street.

last word

New York’s Fifth Avenue, known as the most expensive street in the world, brings together a large collection of the most prestigious brands that fill the street with tall buildings.
Shopping windows, photographs of towering skyscrapers, and museums and monuments make this street one of New York City’s most popular tourist destinations.

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