What are the latest travel rules for the UK? How about traveling to America?

For the first time since the outbreak of coronavirus, travelers from more than five countries, including the United Kingdom, can travel to the United States if fully vaccinated.

What are the new US regulations?

Vaccinated people who have a negative coronary test no more than three days before the trip can enter the United States without quarantine. It is recommended that another test be given three to five days after arrival.

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The United States accepts validated vaccination certificates, including the British National Health Service (ANHA) corona vaccine certificate.

People under the age of 2 do not need to be vaccinated but must be tested after arriving in the United States.

Masks are mandatory on airplanes and airports, and passengers must abide by the state and local laws of the destination.

Is Britain still on the red list?

There are currently no countries on the UK Red List.

According to the Red List, passengers were only allowed to enter if they were British or Northern Irish nationals or resident in the UK. They had to be quarantined at a government-approved hotel for two days at their own expense.

According to British Transport Secretary Grant Chaps, countries could be added to the red list if needed.

Those traveling to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland must now have a corona test two days after arriving. The United Kingdom made a similar decision last month.

What are the new travel rules for the UK?

Before the trip

Fully vaccinated UK travelers no longer need to have a corona test before leaving, but must show a valid certificate before traveling.

To enter the UK, a full vaccination certificate is accepted in the US, the UK and the EU itself, as well as dozens of other approved countries, such as South Africa, Brazil, Pakistan, Turkey, India and Hong Kong.

The new regulations also apply to people under the age of six living in one of these countries, whether or not they have been vaccinated.

Before entering the UK, there is something else to do, and that is to buy and register a corona test for the second day after arrival.

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To enter the UK, this test can not be obtained from the British National Health Service (ENH) and must be purchased from government-designated private companies. After purchase, the passenger will be given a reference number or barcode.

To enter the UK, you must fill out a “location” form, which must include this number or barcode.

All this can be done online and before the flight.

Upon arrival

Fully vaccinated (certified) people coming to the UK must have a corona test two days after arrival.

This test is performed by the passenger himself at home using the kit sent to him. The passenger takes a sample from his nose and sends it to the seller’s company according to the instructions. The company then sends the test results to the passenger.

What if I have not been vaccinated?
If your vaccination is incomplete and you are over 2 years old, you will have to quarantine at home for 5 days after arriving in the UK.

You should also:

Take a PCR / antigen test three days before your trip to the UK.

• Give the same test on the first, second or eighth day after arrival.

Unvaccinated UK travelers can end their quarantine if their second and fifth day tests are negative.

What else should be done before the trip?
Follow the rules and regulations of the destination country regularly as they may change at any time.

The British Foreign Office website provides up-to-date advice for citizens of each country.