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We not a couple

While there can be benefits for couples who undergo couple’s therapy, there’s a great risk for any person who is being abused to attend therapy with their abusive partner.

Relationship counseling can help partners understand each other, resolve difficult problems, and even help the couple gain a different perspective on their situation. It cannot, however, fix the unequal power structure that is characteristic of an abusive relationship.

An abuser may use what is said in therapy later against their partner. Therapy can make a person feel vulnerable. If the abuser is embarrassed or angered by something said in therapy, he or she may make their partner suffer to gain back the sense of control. Therapy is often considered a “safe space” for people to talk. For an abused partner, that safety doesn’t necessarily extend to their home.

Couples often enter couple’s therapy to fix their relationship. Deciding whether or not the relationship is better is extremely hard for a couple if one is being abused. The abuser has all of the power and can no longer gauge if a relationship is getting better because he/she does not see what their partner sees. The abused partner often cannot even rate how bad or good the relationship is because the abuse has affected him/her.

Another reason that couple’s therapy or counseling is not recommended is that the facilitator may not know about the abuse, which would make the entire process ineffective. The abuser may make their partner seem responsible for the problems, and if the therapist does not realize that abuse is present, her or she may believe the abuser.


The coolest waterfall in Nevada

Waterfalls do not come to mind when you think of Nevada, but this desert state has a surprising number of wonderful falls. Most of them are seasonal and are best visited after heavy rains, and many dry out completely in the summer or have just a trickle of water. By far the most popular is Mary Jane Falls near Las Vegas, Nevada. Hours/availability may have changed.

Located in the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, Lost Creek Falls is a lovely waterfall shooting out from a narrow rock chute and dropping 40 feet down into Lost Creek Canyon. The falls can be easily reached by a short round-trip hike of under a mile through the lush, shady canyon. The hike starts by crossing a narrow wash and continuing along a raised boardwalk constructed to protect the willow thicket you can see along the creek. You will see more interesting desert plants growing along the high canyon walls after you pass the fork with the Children’s Discovery Loop Trail. The trail continues through the shady tunnel of lush trees and boulders, emerging at the grotto and the falls. If you come after heavy rains, the waterfall will be a torrent of water. At other times, it might be completely dry.


Imma Go To “Nevada” But Imma “Hit The Scene” Dripping🥵💧#fyp #memphis #nlechoppa #nevada

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Imma Go To “Nevada” But Imma “Hit The Scene” Dripping

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