Why is the new DC Comics Superman bisexual?

Superman fell for a reporter and now his son is doing the same, although this time the superhero’s love interest is a man called Jay.

DC Comics announced on Monday that the new Superman, who is the son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane, will have a romantic relationship with a male friend.

Jon Kent and budding journalist Jay Nakamura struck up a friendship in a story released in August. They will share a kiss in a comic to be published next month, the publisher said, describing Kent as “bisexual.”

A Fox News contributor has been mocked after expressing outrage over the new, bisexual Superman.

DC Comics confirmed yesterday (11 October) that Jon Kent, the firstborn son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane, will be in a relationship with a man in forthcoming issues of the long-running comic book. Jon took over the mantle of Superman following his father’s departure from Earth.

During an appearance on Fox News show The Ingraham Angle, guest Raymond Arroyo questioned why DC Comics are “sexualising superheroes”.

Who is Superman’s son?

“I was a Batman and Superman and Spider-Man kid,” he said. “I loved those heroes. We just wanted them to get the bad guys, not a venereal disease.”

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Arroyo’s comments were quickly lambasted online, with DC readers and observers mocking the Fox News regular.

Was Superman originally a villain?

The new Superman, Jon Kent, is bisexual, DC Comics announced on the ‘National Coming Out Day’. Jon Kent, the son of original Superman Clark Kent and journalist Lois Lane, will be pictured in a same-sex relationship with his friend Jay Nakamura in the November 9 issue of Superman: Son of Kal-El.

In an earlier issue, Jon struck up a friendship with Jay – a bespectacled, pink-haired reporter. DC Comics said the pair will become romantically involved in the upcoming fifth issue, after Jon “mentally and physically burns out from trying to save everyone that he can”.

“I’ve always said everyone needs heroes and everyone deserves to see themselves in their heroes and I’m very grateful DC and Warner Bros share this idea,” writer Tom Taylor said.

What is Superman’s real name?

DC’s latest comic, Superman: Son of Karuel, features current Superman Royce and Clark Kent’s son Jon Kent as bisexual. Volume 5 of the comic will be released on November 9th, revealing a new relationship. Between John Kent and Jay Nakamura, a reporter who idolizes former Superman and John’s father Clark. Writer Tom Taylor explained that this isn’t the first time he’s tried to introduce an LGBTQ + character to the DC Multiverse. “It wouldn’t be surprising to hear that I rejected strange characters and stories over the years in the industry,” Taylor told IGN. “Every time this happened, I felt disappointed with my loved ones.” “When asked if I wanted to write a new Superman in the new No.

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1 of the DC Universe, Clark was another pure white. I knew that replacing it with a savior could miss a real chance, “he said. “Everyone needs a hero, and everyone has always said that their hero is worth seeing themselves. Today, the strongest superhero on the planet, Superman, is here.

Who Killed Superman?

” DC In a press release, Taylor continued. “The symbol of Superman has always stood. For hope, for truth, and for justice. Today, the symbol represents something more. Today, more people are in cartoons. You can see yourself as one of the most powerful superheroes of all. ”Taylor and artist John Tims said in a new storyline, mentally and physically as Superman tries to save everyone. I made fun of seeing it burn out. It is Jay who takes care of the Crypton hero. DC Comics has introduced several LGBTQ + characters in recent years, including Robin, who appeared as bisexual in “Batman: Urban Legend,” and Wonder Woman, who was confirmed as bisexual in 2016. Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy are also romantically involved in some comics. Marvel recently included the first LGBTQ + family on the big screen in his next movie, Eternals. “I couldn’t be proud to tell this important story from Tom Taylor and John Tims,” ​​said Jim Lee, DC’s chief creative officer and publisher. “Storytelling tells a lot about the power of the DC Multiverse, but this is another great example.”

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Let Jon Kent explore his identity in comics, or let Jon Kent reveal his family secrets on television. You can learn. & Royce. They coexist in their respective worlds and times, and fans can enjoy both at the same time. DC’s “Superman: Son of Karuel” Volume 5 will be released on November 9th at the Comic Store.

According to the press release from DC Comics, the new Superman is bisexual.

His character, Jonathan “Jon” Kent, is the son of original Superman Clark Kent and Lois Lane.

This Superman has been far more modern in his approach to fighting crime, as he has helped put out wildfires, protested in support of refugees in Metropolis, and stopped a high school shooting from taking place.

The friend, as soon as it became clear, was Nakamura. He and Kent are up to date, but not the only LGBTQ characters in the DC Universe. Earlier this year, Tim Drake, one of the many Robins fighting with Batman, accepted a date from a male worshiper. And before Kent and Drake was Batwoman, also known as Kate Kane. Batwoman was punished for her relationship with another woman under the US military’s previous “don’t ask, don’t say” policy. Harley Quinn abandoned the Joker for his friend Poison Ivy in a recent comic run. And Victoria Octover, a transgender scientist who made his debut in the 2017 Batman series.

Glen Weldon of NPR, who writes books about Batman and writes regularly about comics, said that quilling characters like Robin and Superman is “progress”, but the characters that come out are heroes. Drake isn’t the only Robin in the DC Universe because it’s not a standard iteration, and John Kent’s father is always the most famous Superman-the development of plots is as important as it looks, but it’s also shifting genres. No, Weldon wrote this week.

Still, Weldon said bisexual Superman and queer Robin are worth celebrating-they are “heroes of their own story” rather than the one-dimensional villains and side characters that were immediately killed. ..

With the release of the fifth issue of Superman: Son of Karuel on November 9, fans can read more about Kent’s fast-growing romance.


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