sea of thieves season 6 patch notes . Is Sea of Thieves free PC?

It’s Season 6 in Sea of Thieves, and that means new mysteries and adventures await.

The highlights of this season’s new content are the new Sea Forts, housed by phantoms and designed to be quicker takes on the long-standing Forts in Sea of Thieves.

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Rather than a dozen or more rounds of battling skeletons, these new Sea Forts take only a few minutes to complete, though they retain the lucrative qualities of the legacy Forts. Here’s all you need to know about Sea Forts, including where to start them, how to beat them, and what’s going on with that Prison Cell Key.

Sea of Thieves world events are massive raids or quests where players take on big challenges and bosses through various stages. They also offer great rewards if you are able to complete them.

It will indeed be Phantoms that attack you in waves as you enter and explore the new Sea Forts. Before you’re able to clear the fort, you’ll have to face a Captain as the final boss battle.

The Captain won’t be alone because there will also be additional Phantoms. Of course, this being Sea of Thieves, and lots of loot and treasure to find, there will be hidden treasure as well as rewards for the completion.

If you clear the fort you can also claim the fort for your crew for as long as you can. you can also protect any potential challengers using the mounted cannons and resources you find inside. It’s definitely another level to make the adventure your own. As long as you are able to hold it it will be yours. 

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