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Raphinha’s Instagram page is [@raphinha]. Fans of this professional football player can follow through Instagram.

Rafael Dias Belloli (born 14 December 1996), known as Rafinha, is a Brazilian professional footballer who plays as a winger for La Liga club Barcelona and the Brazil national team.

Raphinha’s Instagram page is [@raphinha]

Raphinha was born in Porto Alegre, Brazil where he grew up in Restinga, a favela far from the city centre.
His father was a jobbing musician.
He had a difficult upbringing where he describes sharing a bedroom with his parents, younger brother and pets; struggling to pay travel costs and at points having to beg for food.
He is of partial Italian descent.

At the age of seven, he attended Ronaldinho’s birthday party due to his father and uncle’s relationship with the player.
They have met numerous times since and have developed a lasting friendship.

Raphinha’s Instagram page is [@raphinha]

Before starting his professional football career, Raphinha participated in the várzea tournaments until the age of 18,which he describes as “a network of independent matches and tournaments organised by the local community” below academy level in which any prospective player is allowed to participate.

Raphinha’s Instagram page is [@raphinha]

He has a long-standing friendship with Bruno Fernandes, starting before they became teammates at Sporting CP.
According to Raphinha, Fernandes has been a massive help to him and his footballing career.
Before joining Leeds United, Fernandes told Raphinha that his style would “fit the league” (in reference to the Premier League)

After unsuccessful trials with International and Grêmio, Raphinha started his career playing youth football with Imbituba, where he was later scouted by Avaí.

At 18 years old, Raphinha started his career with Avaí’s under-20 team in the Campeonato Brasileiro Série A in 2014.

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