Winner of the Golden Boy Award 2021

The Barcelona and Spanish national team midfielder won the 2021 Golden Boy Award.

A father won the title of Golden Boy 2021.

According to fans, the Golden Boy Award, given by Tuttosport magazine to the top talent under the age of 21 in the world of football, this year went to the father, the Spanish midfielder of Barcelona. He is the second Barcelona player to receive the award after Lionel Messi in 2005.

The words of the editor of Tutu Sport

The father, the Barcelona midfielder and the Spanish national team, has won the 19th International Golden Boy Award. He was able to win the title by far, which reached Erling Holland last year. Out of 40 journalists who voted, 24 chose him as their first choice, 9 and 3, respectively, put him in second and third place on their list.

Thus, a father with 318 points and above Jude Bellingham with 119 points won the title of the best player under 21 in Europe according to Tuttosport. In the history of the Golden Boy Award, there has never been such a difference between the winner and the runner-up.

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