Divulge; Barcelona star betrays Lionel Messi!

Lionel Messi feels that Gerard Pique also played a role in his separation from Barcelona.
It seems that Del Lionel Messi is still with Barcelona and he is still talking about his former team in this short period of separation from the club. Today, Forbes magazine, after a detailed interview of the Argentine star with Sport magazine, has provided new details of this player’s annoyances. The magazine claimed that now Lionel Messi knows very well which of his former teammates Barcelona betrayed him before transferring him to Paris Saint-Germain.

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Juan Laporta promised from the moment he joined Barcelona that he would definitely keep Lionel Messi in the team. However, Barça’s difficult financial situation left Laporta unable to raise enough funds to keep Messi at the club, and the player eventually moved to Paris Saint-Germain in the summer. Even Lionel Messi had accepted a 50% reduction in his salary, but Barcelona ultimately failed to provide the conditions for the player to stay.

But one point from Lionel Messi’s interview was interesting and ambiguous. “I talk to Sergio Aguero often and he is a real friend to me. I am also always in touch with Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba,” he said of his relationship with current Barcelona players and former team-mates.