Biography and photos of Ed Harris American actor and director Ed Harris

Ed Harris, full name Edward Allen Harris (born November 28, 1950, Tanafli, New Jersey, USA), was an American actor acclaimed for his many performances, most notably Jackson Pollack’s American painting in Polak (2000). The film he also directed.

Excerpts from the biography of Ed Harris

Full name: Edward Allen Harris

Date of birth: November 28, 1950

Place of birth: New Jersey, USA

Profession: Actor, producer, director and screenwriter

marital status: Married

Biography of Ed Harris

Ed Harris was born on November 28, 1950 in New Jersey, USA. His father is Robert L. Harris and his mother is Margaret Harris. He has two brothers, Spencer and Robert. His wife is named Amy Madigan and they have a daughter named Lee Lee.

Harris attended Columbia University, where he played football for two years before becoming interested in acting. He then attended the University of Oklahoma and appeared in a number of theatrical productions before moving to California, where he graduated from the California Institute of the Arts (B.F.A., 1975). He starred in a tram production called Lust and Clusters of Anger, and played small roles in a variety of television programs.

In 1978, Harris made his feature film debut in a small role in Michael Crichton’s Coma, his first major role three years later in George Romero’s The Knights (1981) was about a group of motorcyclists.

Ed Harris Awards and Honors

Harris returned to New York City to join Circle Repertory and made his Broadway debut in 1983 in Sam Shepard’s Fool for Love. He won the Obi Award for his performance. In the same year, he was praised for his role as astronaut John Glenn in The Right Stuff (1983), the story of Mercury’s space program based on Tom Wolf’s book of the same name. In 1986, Harris made his Broadway debut in the production of George Fort’s precious children and was nominated for a Tony Award.

In the late 1980s and ’90s, Harris worked mainly in film. He starred as a deep-sea drill operator in the sci-fi thriller The Abyss (1989), co-starring with Tom Hanks as Jane Cranes’ flight attendant at Apollo 13 (1995; Oscar nominee) and representing the United States.

Assistant to Richard Nixon E. Howard Hunt at Nixon Oliver Stone (1995). In 1998, Harris starred as a television producer in Truman, for which he received his second Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

Actors Killian Murphy and Jay. Robert Oppenheimer in the new film Christopher Nolan

Two years later, he played a lead role and made his directorial debut with Polak. His performance led to the Oscar nomination for Best Actor.

Ed Harris plays in acclaimed movies

Harris appeared in a number of acclaimed films in the 2000s, including A Beautiful Mind (2001), about the mathematician John F. Nash. “Hours” (2002; Oscar nomination), in which Harris played a writer who was dying of AIDS.

“History of Violence” (2005), a film about a man from a small town trying to escape his criminal past.

He also starred in Empire Falls (2005), a television mini-series based on a novel by Richard Rousseau.

His later films included Gone Baby Gone (2007), National Treasure: Book of Secrets (2007) and Appaloosa (2008), which he also directed.

In 2010, Harris collaborated with Truman director Peter Weir on his way back, about a group of men who escaped from the Gulag’s Siberian camp during World War II. He then appeared in the drama Virginia (2010), in the thriller Man on a Ledge (2012) and as Sen.

Ed Harris starred in the Cold War and other films in 2013

In the thriller Phantom (2013), Harris played a Soviet submarine captain suffering from hallucinatory seizures, and in the action film Pain & Gain (2013), he played a private investigator.

Other Harris films in 2013 include the science fiction drama Gravity and Snowpiercer, a dystopian thriller starring the train inventor carrying the last surviving humans.

Harris then played a former sheriff whose wife was accidentally killed in the drama Frontera (2014), and a Brooklyn crime boss plotted to kill a former servant (Liam Neeson) in an action game Run All Night (2015). To win.

Harris’ next honors included the HBO television series Westworld (2016–), a science fiction trailer about a theme park with humanoid robots. He also starred in James Franco’s The Suspicious Battle (2016), an adaptation of John Steinbeck’s novel about the farm workers’ strike in the 1930s.

In 2017, Harris appeared in the movie Mother! In a character named “The Man”, who, with his wife, disrupts the privacy of a married couple living in a secluded mansion – and as the US Secretary of State in the sci-fi movie Geostorm.

In 2019, Harris returned to Broadway to play Atticus Finch in “Killing a Mockingbird” (an adaptation of Harper Lee’s acclaimed novel).

He also appeared in The Last Full Measure (2019) as a survivor of the Vietnam War and starred as General George Patton in World War II Resistance (2020).

List of some famous Ed Harris movies

Top Gun 2020 A Beautiful Mind 2001
Appaloosa (film) 2008 Pollock (film) 2000
Radio 2003 Snowpiercer 2013
Kodachrome 2017 A History of Violence 2005
The Right Stuff 1983 The Firm 1993
Mother! 2017 Geostorm 2017
The Hours 2002 Milk Money 1994
National Treasure 2 2007 Gravity 2013