Check the quality and price of the Internet in the United States

In this article, we examine the state of the Internet in the United States. The percentage of Americans accessing high-speed Internet, their costs, and the quality of their connection are examined in terms of home Internet and smartphones. The US Internet is also compared to other countries in terms of speed and quality.

What percentage of Americans have access to the Internet and smartphones, and what is the quality of their Internet connection?

According to the latest Pew Institute statistics:

Seventy-seven percent of Americans say they have access to high-speed home Internet.
85% have a smartphone
This statistic has increased by 4% compared to 2 years ago.
Thirty percent of Americans say they often, or sometimes, have trouble connecting to the Internet at home.
41% said they rarely have this problem and 21% said they have never had such a problem.

What Percentage of Americans Have High-Speed Broadband Internet Access?

According to the Pew and Wall Street Journal estimates that in 2019, about 73 percent of Americans had access to broadband Internet infrastructure (over 25 Mbps) (up from 77 percent in 2021).

By income:
92% of people with an annual income of over $ 75,000
78% of people with an income between 30-70 thousand dollars
56% of people with an income below $ 30,000
By location:
75% of urban residents
79% of suburban residents
63% of rural residents

How much does US states have broadband Internet infrastructure?

The highest coverage of the broadband Internet infrastructure belongs to the western and northeastern states of the United States with a coverage level of 84-80%.

The lowest rate belongs to the southern states with a coverage level of 60-75%.

The states with the highest coverage:
new Jersey
States with the lowest coverage:
New Mexico

What percentage of Americans use high-speed broadband Internet?

Microsoft says: 50%

Despite statistics on the availability of high-speed broadband Internet infrastructure in the United States, which represents a total of 77 percent, a Microsoft study in 2019 showed that about 50 percent of Americans (162 million people) actually use the Internet for various reasons. Do not use broadband (speeds above 25 Mbps). (Partly due to lack of infrastructure access, partly for other reasons including economic reasons)

This map is based on a Microsoft study and shows the percentage of American citizens using high-speed Internet in US counties.

In general, the average speed of broadband Internet in the United States is 112 Mbps.
But that number varies from state to state, ranging from 60 to 200 Mbps.
Alaska has an average internet speed of 58.6 Mbps

Maryland has the highest internet speed at 196.2 Mbps.

The average internet speed in California is 92.6 Mbps.

Comparing US Broadband Internet Prices with Other Countries in the World

The average monthly broadband subscription in the United States is about $ 66.
According to Statista and Forbes magazine, the United States is ranked 114th in the world in this regard.

Compare US mobile internet prices with other countries in the world

The average price of a gigabyte of data exchanged on the US mobile network is $ 12.37.

Compare Internet prices to revenue in the US and other countries

Calculations are based on the ratio of the average monthly subscription price of the Internet at a speed of 10 Mbps to the average monthly income of individuals in each country.
Based on this, assuming a monthly income of $ 4,000 for an American and a subscription price of $ 7 for a 10Mbps Internet, the United States is one of the least affordable countries in the world at 0.16.
In other words, in the United States, you only have to spend 0.16% of your income on internet shopping (on average).

Based on this calculation, this rate in other countries:
Sweden 0.13%
Singapore 0.15%
France 0.2%
Germany 0.22 percent
Japan 0.28%
England 0.33%
Italy 0.65%
Russia 0.4 percent
China 23.95%
Pakistan 67.44%
Afghanistan 485.58 percent

How many hours does it take to pay for the cheapest monthly broadband subscription?

In the United States, with an average hourly income ($ 30), 52 minutes of work can cover the cost of a monthly subscription to the cheapest broadband Internet subscription.
This figure is 33 hours and 42 minutes in Nigeria, 1 hour and 56 minutes in the UAE and 7 minutes in Canada.

It should be noted that the minimum hourly wage in the United States is $ 7.25, and these calculations are based on average figures and are used only to get an overview of the price situation.

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