The A14X Bionic processor seems to be more powerful than the 16-inch Intel Core i9 MacBook Pro

A few days before Apple’s new event called One More Thing , which Apple plans to hold on November 10 (November 20) to unveil Macs with Apple Silicon Processor, we are witnessing the release of new information about the A14X Bionic processor.

Published information shows that we will most likely see the unveiling of the new 13-inch MacBook Air with some of these new Apple Silicon processors at the Apple event. The information also indicates that the new MacBook Air will be one of the Macs that Apple will unveil at the event.

Recently, new information has been released about the A14X Bionic processor, which shows that this processor made by Apple is more powerful than the Intel Core i9 processor that we are currently using in the 16-inch MacBook Pro. This new information also reflects other specifications of this processor such as the number of cores and clock speed.

These published benchmarks were obtained using a device whose model can not yet be determined with certainty, and the name of this device is not mentioned in these published benchmarks. It is possible that these new benchmarks are derived from the developing iPad Pro with a 12.9-inch mini-LED display. The information that has been published so far shows that this iPad Pro model uses A14X Bionic processor.

Published information about the A14X Bionic processor shows that this processor has 8 processing cores and a device with 8 GB of RAM was used when taking the benchmark. Other specifications revealed in connection with this processor include a base clock speed of 1.80 GHz, which can be increased to 3.10 GHz.This is the first time an Apple A-Series processor has switched from 3.00 GHz to 3.10 GHz at boost time.

If the leaks are true, this is the first time an Apple A-Series processor can reach this operating frequency. Given this, we expect the processing power of this processor to be very high.

A comparison of the Geekbench 5 benchmark released from this processor with the model used in the 16-inch MacBook Pro, Intel Core i9, shows that this Apple processor can easily beat this Intel processor.

For a better comparison, you can take a look at the benchmark released from this new processor alongside other processors.

Unknown device with A14X Bionic processor

  • Single core score: 1634
  • Score of all cores: 7220

16-inch MacBook Pro

  • Single core score: 1096
  • Score of all cores: 6869

The new iPad Air has an A14 Bionic processor

  • Single core score: 1583
  • Rating of all cores: 4198

The leaked data shows that the new A14X Bionic processor is more powerful than the Intel Core i9 processor and the 5-nanometer A14 Bionic processor. Of course, given that this published information was obtained using an unspecified device, it is also possible that this information is incorrect.

Finally, the wait until Apple’s One More Thing event will reveal everything about Apple’s new silicon processors and their processing power.

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