A trip to the Louisiana swamps of the South American states

Louisiana swamps are one of the most beautiful, unique and scary swamps in the world, suitable for fishing, duck hunting and seafood. Visiting the Machanchak Swamps in Louisiana is an almost terrifying but terrifying but unique and memorable experience. This swamp with strange and beautiful vegetation and of course a little mysterious, having wild and native animals in this habitat such as crocodiles with a length of 3 to 4 meters and of course supernatural stories and legends were able to attract the attention of many tourists with different tastes. Draw their side. In this article, we want to provide you with a brief but interesting piece of information about Louisiana swamps.

Where are the states of Louisiana?

Louisiana is one of the southern states of the United States, which ranks 32nd in terms of area and 25th in terms of population among 50 states in the United States. The state has a tropical climate with hot summers and mild winters. The average temperature in summer in this region is 32 degrees and in winter 22 degrees Celsius. Many parts of the state are affected by the Mississippi River, and the retreat of this river has led to the formation of many plains and swamps, the most famous and beautiful of which are the Louisiana swamps, which are 375 miles from It is also one of the largest swamps in the world.

Boating in the Louisiana Swamps

This swamp is so cozy, pristine and untouched that crossing it by boat can take you to the distant years when Europeans first set foot on this land. The presence of lazy cedars and other ghost-like plants in the area gives it a different look, and almost all Americans agree that Louisiana swamps can be scary in many ways.

The pristine nature of Louisiana swamps has made it impossible to travel without a guide and boat captain. Boats used in tours have different capacities. Also, the tour guide and the boat captain should both be qualified to lead a tour like this tour so that they can control the situation in the event of an accident and take care of the passengers on the tour, as well as steer the boats to safer places. To reduce the risk and incidence of accidents.

Vegetation of Louisiana Swamps

The taxodium tree, which is found mostly in North America, does not need much light to grow, and the most important growth factor is heat. Taxodium, which is a relatively large tree with a dense woody texture, needs more water than other trees, which is why it is found mostly in swamps, lakes and seas. The tree needs so much water and no need for sunlight that in 2012 a large, fully grown taxidium tree was found under one of the Alabama seas. This tree grew easily and at a depth of 18 meters from the water.

In this type of tree in the first year of birth can grow up to 3 meters. This tree is 21 meters high at the age of 40. At the age of 100, it reaches a height of about 36 meters. It is interesting to know that these interesting trees can live up to 1000 years. The shape of these trees is that they have a large and wide lower part and the narrower they get, the narrower they become. The wide lower part and the many and strong roots of this tree, which are placed in soil or water, maintain the balance of these very tall trees.

Unfortunately, due to the large size of these trees, the rate of felling of these trees for wood supply was very high for several years, but later these uncontrolled cuts were controlled by environmental activists and these unique trees were saved from extinction by humans. . Louisiana swamps are one of the places where you can see a lot of these trees.

Tourism in the Louisiana Swamps

In addition to being one of the most famous swamps in the world, this swamp with a spectacular atmosphere and special vegetation and different animals can be a suitable destination for many tourists. But some tourists are also looking to find places that are famous for being mysterious and scary. As there are many stories and legends about Louisiana swamps, this type of tourists also attracts.

Black tourism or tourism to find scary places

In addition to its natural features and unique vegetation, Louisiana swamps have become a popular tourist destination due to some local legends. Many people believe that this swamp is cursed by a witch named Julia, and for this reason, every once in a while, supernatural events occur in this swamp. Some even claim that they can still hear the painful and painful sounds of ghosts and the witch Julia from the Louisiana swamps!

Even in 2009, some supernatural researchers traveled to the swamp to study it, but as expected, they did not reach a convincing conclusion. But that does not stop travelers from traveling to Louisiana swamps to experience a scary and exciting night. For those who are interested in these strange and scary tours, there are also tickets that can be used to spend a few nights in one of the most mysterious places in the world, so that they may witness one of those supernatural events that others claim in this Swamp happens to be.

Kayaking in the Louisiana Swamps

Even a simple boat ride on the Louisiana swamps can be dangerous. When you are on a boat, you can see crocodiles jumping up and down up to a few meters away. So be careful not to get your hands and feet out of the boat as you may be attacked by a crocodile. Of course, you do not have to worry because the leaders, guides and boatmen of these tours are very skilled and capable and trained.

Watching animals and birds

Louisiana swamps and marshes may be scary, but they are home to many animals and creatures. Animals such as crocodiles, raccoons, catfish, herons, and snakes live in the area. There are also many special birds living in this area that are usually out of sight and you can only hear their sound, but if you wait a little longer you may see one of them up close.

Sights around the swamps

Apart from the Louisiana swamps, there are other tourist areas that you can visit.

City of Lafayette
Lake Charles
St. Francis Village

How to travel to Louisiana and tour

As we have said, this swamp with all its beauties can be very dangerous, which is why almost all people choose tourist tours with a tour guide to travel in this swamp.

The cost of enrolling in the Louisiana Swamp Tour generally depends on the type of service they provide, so the cost of each tour may vary, but the average Louisiana Swamp Tour costs $ 44 for adults and $ 21 for children. Is the dollar.