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By making the Elden Ring game, Framasoft showed that it has a special skill in presenting an open world and can entertain players very well.

We’ve seen an increase in Solzelik games over the last few years, but providing a quality game is something that is less common. However, at the time of the introduction of Elden Ring at E3 2019, fans of Sulzlake’s games were delighted, as Framasoftur introduced a product that is known as a completely new game. However, Alden Ring spent two years in news silence until trailers of the gameplay and game world were released. So we saw similarities to previous versions of FramSoft, especially the Dark Souls series, and there was concern that Alden Ring might not have those new elements and that only Dark Souls would be open to the rest of the world.

The Elden Ring is a product that has similarities to previous products from Farasoftor, but also has elements in it to convey the feeling of a new product to the fans of this Japanese studio. The story of the game is told around a land called Lands Between, whose lords have each gained one of the Shards after the disappearance of Queen Marika and the fragmentation of Alden Ring. Now the player in the role of an exiled Tarnished is summoned to the land of Beatons to destroy all the lords and collect the Alden Ring shreds. As a result, you’re on your way to becoming an Alden Lord.

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The narrative of Framasoft games is usually presented in such a way that a general story is presented through a middle ground at the beginning of the game, and what attracts the audience is mythology. Information gained by navigating the game world, reading items, talking to NPCs, and completing missions. In Alden Ring we see a fascinating and mysterious world mythology that forces the audience to explore a vast world. Interacting with the characters also makes you more familiar with them, and some of them play an important role in the story of the game and how it ends; Because the latest Framework software has different finishes.

The game system is dynamic day and night and affects some enemies of the game

The gameplay is the main factor that has made Elden Ring an attractive, lovable and valuable product. When you start the game, you have to create and personalize your character. The Alden Ring characterization system allows you to make various changes to your character and make it to your liking. You also have to choose one of 10 game classes. Classes, some like Samurai, give you a lot of stamina at the beginning of the game, and others, like Astrologer, allow you to have a lot of power in using magic.

Of course, thanks to the character upgrade system, you can make changes to your class and turn some of them into a hybrid class to get more benefits. In other words, you are the one who determines the way you fight. Personalization of combat style is not limited to class selection and character development, but the combat system and items such as weapons and skills are something that goes even deeper. Game weapons have a variety of designs and you can choose one of the weapons according to your taste. In addition to magic, which is specific to classes that use magic, a number of skills have been designed for game weapons.

The type of skills used is such that each is not specific to one weapon and you can place them on different weapons. Therefore, your hand is free to use a sword with the desired skill. Framasoft has used a Spirit Mount called Torrent to better navigate the Lands Between. With torrents, you can browse the environment and access different parts of the environment through Spiritsprings. However, using torrents is not just about surfing, you can also use torrents in battles. Some of the game mini-buses are designed so that you can use the torrent on the battlefield.

The combat system offers a different and enjoyable experience while using your Sprite Mount and is well designed. All the items mentioned in the gameplay of the game show their peak of pleasure when the game world has a quality design. That’s when we’re on the side of an open world product. With the creation of Alden Ring, Framosoftor has shown that it has a special skill in creating a vast and mysterious world. A world that is not hollow at all and every corner of it has embedded items for the user. Everything that makes you better and stronger in the Elden Ring is tied to surfing in the game environment. Existence of flask upgrade items, flask enhancement items of health bar recovery power along with various weapon upgrade items and various weaves, are among the items that the user will gain by exploring the Alden Ring world.

Everything that makes you better and stronger in the Elden Ring is tied to surfing in the game environment.

In the meantime, let me mention that you can reach the end of the game without browsing. In other words, the structure of the Alden Ring world is such that a goal is set for you, and to achieve that goal, you must destroy the main bases of the game. These basses are not prioritized and you can travel anywhere you want and just destroy Queen Marika’s demigods. The construction team has used an interesting case to route the main bass in the Alden Ring. In each part of the Elden Ring, a number of Site of Grace have been designed. Site of Graces is a place where the player, in addition to storing his game, can increase his level, change the number of flasks or change them, and a number of other activities that make changes to the structure of your game.

The rewards you get from clearing sub-black holes is something that forces you to complete them.

Now for navigation, the main Site of Graces will show you the direction with a bright light. So by following them, you will get access to the bass location of that area. However, there is a general hub for the Elden Ring where the protagonist can interact with the game’s NPCs and upgrade their weapons or use various skills for them. The only things that make Alden Ring gameplay not perfect are the design of the minibuses and, to some extent, the game camera. Minibuses could have had a more varied design. Although their number is high, some of them are more than twice present in different parts of the game as minibuses. The game camera also annoys the audience in a few scenes.

The design of sub-black holes is also good and they challenge the audience a lot. The value of the rewards you get from these black holes is something that compels you to complete them. Alden Ring’s main black holes are actually advances into a part of the main environment that ends in a battle with the lord of that area. In terms of degree of difficulty, the old ring can be both harder and easier. If you are constantly surfing and paying attention to things like upgrading your character or weapon, the challenge of the game will be greatly reduced. However, if you do not pay attention to these cases and do not have the necessary accuracy, the game will punish you in the worst possible way. Of course, there are things like summoning sprites or even the game coop, allowing you to enjoy the world of the old ring if you are not into the challenge or want to experience the game with your friends.

The game coop system allows you to experience the game with two of your friends or Invade the world of other players. Visually, Elden Ring is a spectacular and beautiful game. Not only do we see great lighting for play environments, but the Alden Ring is also very good in terms of environmental detail and texture quality. By entering some environments, you just want to stare at the environment and enjoy its beauty. Apart from the items mentioned in the design section, the design of the main bases is done in the best possible way and each of them has its own mechanisms. Also, the design of the construction part of the game is another thing that has a good effect on the gameplay of the game.

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You might say at first that this section has little variety, but the more you look and get more construction orders, the richer and richer the Elden Ring construction system becomes. Technically, the game is at a good level and we do not see a drop in frames or specific bugs. Music is an integral part of MFA, and Alden Ring is no exception. Especially when you get into the game’s boss fights, the game’s catchy and epic music does not distract you in any way and makes you focus more on fighting the bass in question.

In the end, although Elden Ring is similar to previous software from Fram Software, it also incorporates new and fresh elements in order to create a new feeling for old users, in addition to providing a new experience to new users. The existence of a mysterious and valuable world is something that can entertain the audience for hours.

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