gran turismo server status . Is back online?

Gran Turismo 7 is one of those racing games that will entertain both new and old users. Be with a news usa by reviewing the game.

Among arcade and simulator racing games, there is another style called simcid, which is a combination of simulator and arcade. Series such as DiRT, Forza Motorsport as well as Gran Turismo are among the series that have a wired structure to attract both users interested in arcade games and users interested in simulator games. Meanwhile, with the release of the Sport version in 2017, the Gran Turismo series failed to attract the attention of the audience as it should and perhaps, and after the introduction of Gran Turismo 7, there were concerns about whether Polyphony Digital, the maker of the Gran Turismo series, could Go back to your heyday?

By starting the game Gran Turismo 7 and entering the World Map, you will enter the cafe mode. The cafe has appeared in the role of Gran Turismo 7 campaign mode and includes 39 different stages. Each step tries to introduce you to one of the car manufacturing brands. Brands such as Lamborghini, Porsche, Alfa Romeo and Aston Martin, each of which includes different cars in this version. Now, during each stage, you have to finish three races with at least third place to release one of the three cars and finally complete the desired stage in the cafe.

The point is, the cafe’s steps not only involve racing, but also familiarize the audience with the history of the brand’s machines. In the meantime, some of the steps are related to holding Championship matches so that you can experience more serious matches. Cafe Mode will entertain the audience for approximately 20 hours due to the content it offers. However, I wish the development team used more steps so that users could get acquainted with more brands and learn about them.

The contents of Gran Turismo 7 do not end there. Apart from the cafe, there are also two sections: driving license and mission. Driving license is the same as obtaining a certificate, and each certificate includes different challenges. Definitely doing competitions in this section will help new users to get acquainted with the world of Gran Turismo. On the other hand, to advance in the cafe, you need to raise your certification level to a high level. The stages section also includes competitions that gradually become more difficult and you have to raise your level to release all the categories.

New users, after experiencing 10 to 15 races, may think that making money in the game is very difficult and they can not buy the cars they want. However, Seri Gran Turismo has always been famous for holding numerous competitions in order to earn money, and the seventh version is no exception to this rule. However, doing the story content of the game will give you good money and you can buy the cars you want. In fact, the better you rank in challenging matches, the better your money will be, and this process has made the game have a fair reward system.

New users will be rewarded for their efforts and professional users will be rewarded for their skills and endeavors. The content of a racing game shows its appeal when the game in question, given the style it offers, can provide a good driving experience. Gran Turismo 7 is a simcade game, which means that we see both simulation elements and arcade elements. In terms of arcade elements, the game offers a good experience. The handling of the machines is not so much simulated and in accordance with the real weather conditions, nor so far from reality that the users of simulation games can not communicate with it.What makes the game so great in terms of simulation is the different weather conditions and the tuning system of the game.

Each machine has its own handling and technical structure, and what makes the game a great simulation experience is the different weather conditions and the game’s tuning system. Sunny, cloudy and rainy weather conditions each have a different effect on the gameplay. When the weather is sunny, you are racing with the most ideal conditions, and it may be just the wind and its direction that have a slight effect on the handling of your car. However, cloudy weather, especially rainy weather, is the most effective. In rainy weather, depending on how heavy the rain is, your handling and mastery of the car will vary, and this is exactly where the tuning system plays a key role.

In the mentioned weather conditions, using special tires for the car is the best option. For example, Wet tires for rainy weather with normal rain intensity or Heavy Wet tires for heavy rainy weather will increase your control over the car during the race. This is also true for off-road racing, and it is not enough to just use cars for this type of racing, but also in terms of tuning, you must have tires for off-road racing. You might say to yourself that given these things and the simulation of the game, the Gran Turismo 7 tuning system can have a complex structure.

Which is more realistic Forza or Gran Turismo?

The GT7, meanwhile, has one of the best tuning racing games. The tuning section includes various sections that you can make available by upgrading your overall level in the game. The interesting thing is that in order to strengthen the power of each car, you do not need to go for newer components at all, but you have to choose the best option for your car from each branch. You can also make changes in appearance and make your car more beautiful with different designs.

Is Gran Turismo 7 back up?

Gran Turismo 7 has put a lot of effort into providing a realistic feel. The presence of the car wash section is one of the things that has given an interesting feeling to the game. After completing several different races with one car, car wash and car wash can be a good option for you, as it will improve the performance of the car in question. In other words, by entering the car wash, the performance of different parts of your car will be displayed, and depending on the color scheme, you can wash your car or visit the car wash at another time.

Is Forza or Gran Turismo better?

Apart from the mentioned contents, the multiplayer section of Gran Turismo 7 also offers a good experience for those who are interested in online competitions. By entering this section, you can see the lobby created by other users and enter them according to your ping. Maybe the appearance of the multiplayer part of the game does not have special content. In fact, you have to apply the content yourself by changing the custom matches while building the lobby. So you can constantly build a lobby with rules and a structure that is distinct from each other and offers a varied, exciting and sometimes challenging experience.

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