horizon forbidden west signal spike find an entrance to the cavern

Horizon Forbidden West is hiding a pretty nifty money farming exploit, one player has discovered.

Yesterday, a post on the official Horizon Forbidden West subreddit surfaced, bringing to light a brand new exploit to obtain money quickly and easily in Guerrilla’s sequel. In short, the entire play hinges on overriding a Bristleback while out exploring the open world of the Forbidden West.

Despite Guerilla’s poor timing when it comes to launching Horizon games, a chunk of you who have been playing it these past few weeks have managed to finish the game’s story. While it won’t take you the hundreds of hours the game apparently has to offer, Forbidden West’s story is still pretty sizable. Despite that, almost 13 percent of the game’s owners have managed to make their way through to the very end.

One commenter underneath the post even claims that the machine will periodically dig up Ingots for you, although it’s admittedly a pretty slow process. Another commenter reckons players should override an entire herd of Bristlebacks and turn them into a Metal Shard farm, but some doubt whether this is possible, since you can only have a limited number of machine allies at any one point in Forbidden West.

I’ve been playing Elden Ring just over a week now and man is it an amazing game. Me and my cousin have both been discussing the game online whilst playing it and we came to agreement that it’s one of those games that has that special pull that very few games nowadays have. I can only ever remember two games that did this to me, Zelda: Ocarina Of Time and Breath Of The Wild.

When you check out the Metacritic reception for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 versions of Forbidden West, you might notice a discrepancy in opinions. Critics shower praise on the game, and their scores have yet to dip below a 60 out of 100. However, user scores are all over the place. Granted, critics and gamers disagreeing is nothing new, but a suspicious number of Metacritic users have given Forbidden West a bad score — and have reviewed that game and that game only.

Now, it would be reductive to claim all the people who left these negative reviews were trolls. Instead, let’s take a deeper look at some of the issues these negative reviews raise as they, and other comments around the internet, have left a trail of breadcrumbs that bring us closer to the source of this apparent dissatisfaction.

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