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Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of 2K Sports and publisher of NBA 2K22, has been sued by an Illinois parent over the manner in which the game handles random draws in its popular My Team card collection/player management mode.

WWE 2K22 is a simple game, really. It’s a pro-wrestling video game stacked with WWE stars. But there’s much more than competing in the ring. You can manage your own WWE television program in the My GM mode. You can create a character and help him or her rise through the ranks in My Rise.

So, did they improve from 2K20? The short answer is yes. After all, it’s not hard to improve on a game with a Metascore of 43 on Metacritic.com, a 30 from PlayStation Official Magazine UK, and a 20 from Game Spot. Still, the low floor isn’t all that goes into the improvements in 2K22.

You can control the entire WWE product through the WWE Universe feature. And if you’re a fan of building fantasy teams and card collecting, the new My Faction mode is there for you.

The case, moved from state court to federal court on Take-Two’s motion, alleges “unfair, deceptive, and unlawful practices, including illegal gambling practices.” The plaintiff seeks class-action status for the case, and at least $5 million in damages. Take-Two Interactive is the only defendant.

A Take-Two representative declined to comment to Polygon, saying the company did not comment on legal matters.

NBA 2K’s MyTeam functions a lot like EA Sports’ Ultimate Team modes, which have likewise been hauled before courts and legislative hearings over loot box practices. Players acquire packs, whose contents are unknown, for an in-game currency that is both freely acquired and bought with real money. Inside the packs are players and other items of varying rarity and usefulness.

The Illinois suit alleges that NBA 2K22’s payment scheme “psychologically distance[s]” players from the reality of spending real money. Such transactions are also attractive to minor children who have less understanding about the differences between spending real currency and virtual currency. Kids are also unaware that these purchases are not refundable, and they usually make them with their parents’ credit cards.

Lawmakers and consumer advocates have equated MyTeam and Ultimate Team’s virtual card collection with outright gambling, though representatives for EA Sports and the Entertainment Software Association deny that is the case, much less is it intended. Loot boxes started drawing mainstream outrage and attention in 2017, when several AAA video games — most conspicuously Star Wars Battlefront 2 — used them in various indirect pay-to-win schemes.

The gameplay is better than WWE 2K games have felt in years. Previous games felt like you were moving characters around until there were cut scenes for different moves. This game feels like you’re in complete control of the match. Each decision you make matters.

The gameplay is much more smooth and realistic compared to 2K20. The reversal timing window is quick, sometimes too much so, but it also feels more realistic. The crispness of combos and the new Combo Breakers system adds even more to the realism, resembling what you might see every Monday, Tuesday, and Friday night on WWE programming.

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